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Captain Worf – On Screen!

We had heard about Michael Dorn's pitch for a Trek Spin-off based on Worf but it wasn't until we tuned in to Dorn's AMA on Reddit that we learnt more about this exciting venture. Iworf04t seems every third Tuesday there is another Trek-series rumour circulating but this one, of all of them, has got us really excited. Why? Well for many reasons but here's our top three. 1. It's based in the prime universe. Nuff said. 2, It's based after the events of Deep Space Nine but before Nemesis. Which puts it between 2375 - 2379. Hopefully it can shed some light on the rebuilding of the Federation, Cardassian, Klingon and Romulan empires following the Dominion War. It could also feature the return of Voyager and even explain why Worf appears on the Enterprise at the beginning of Nemesis! 3, It's Worf! Easily the most developed Character in the … Continue Reading ››