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TNG and Me

Sci-fi blogs, websites and magazines are a buzz talking about Star Trek The Next Generations 25th Anniversary. As many of our readers know, we grew up on TNG and would like to share our journey with the Next Generation.
By Sam.
I don't remember the first time I watched TNG just the challenge of tricking my parents into letting me. Because I don't remember how old I was when this happened I googled the UK air date and am surprised to find it was 1990.  Once I was tucked in bed I would stay awake and listen really hard to the TV. As soon as I heard the theme music I would jump out of bed, run downstairs and announce my bellyache, bad dream, boogie man or some other made up ailment that meant I had to watch TV and be tended … Continue Reading ››

Talking about Larry’s Pendulum

I'm glad he raised this....ohhh my!  In case you don't know what we're talking about, you really should be reading everything Larry Nemecek has to say about anything by way of Star Trek decree: TrekLand Supplemental This is our take on Larry' question "Is TNG due for a Comeback?" 
Now as we have mentioned we were TNG fans first, born into that time line so grew up watching it. We can now appreciate TOS and love the "Retro" look of the show but we confess to being those viewers who as kids would have scoffed at the MDF sets and Christmas lighting effects.  When talking to our TiT (Trekkie In Training) Sarah, we asked her how she was getting on with watching TNG and she said "yeah … Continue Reading ››

Happy Birthday!

Today TNG turns 24!! (since it debuted) which coming from a pair at the grand old age of 29 it doesn't seem that old. However upon hearing that Enterprise turned 10 years old on the 26th....What The Spock!?  Is there a rip in the space time continuum?? I suppose the difference is that I don't remember TNG starting...its always just existed right!?...like The Original Series or Q? I remember each of the others starting though and hearing that the 'newest' incarnation is now 'old' makes me feel a little more mortal. Enterprise turned out to be an excellent series though, cut waaaaay before her time. Shame on you TV execs (bunch of Ferengi). Once we have assimilated the world into Trekkies we are looking at having an advanced programme … Continue Reading ››