Talking about Larry’s Pendulum

I’m glad he raised this….ohhh my!

 In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, you really should be reading everything Larry Nemecek has to say about anything by way of Star Trek decree: TrekLand Supplemental
This is our take on Larry’ question “Is TNG due for a Comeback?” 

Now as we have mentioned we were TNG fans first, born into that time line so grew up watching it. We can now appreciate TOS and love the “Retro” look of the show but we confess to being those viewers who as kids would have scoffed at the MDF sets and Christmas lighting effects. 

When talking to our TiT (Trekkie In Training) Sarah, we asked her how she was getting on with watching TNG and she said “yeah I’m enjoying it but it all seems so dated and 80’s” – I must admit I was a bit taken, I imagine this is how my dad must have felt when I first scoffed at the sets of the USS Enterprise no bloody A, B, C or D. However much like when Dax reminisced about the the look and feel of classic 23rd century style I find myself smiling fondly on those early season of TNG with it’s lycra covered crew and wallpapered corridors. In fact we have recorded a Trekkie Girls episode about the very subject of TNG fashions which we must upload. 
Here in the UK we have seen the TV Channel CBS Action pour some money into advertising the reruns of TNG and even though I didn’t see any of the actual billboards, I was comforted to know they were out there.

But Larry has got it right, TNG is gonna have it’s comeback moment and its fast approaching, in-fact I happened to be shopping with my dad today to and I noticed some shoulder pads and realised that was the final peice for my TNG skant dress I’m making for an event this weekend. The 23rd century look is so last year, this season its all about the 60’s – that’s the 2360’s!

Btw, Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton and Jim Parson all in one Big Bang Episode! Excuse us whilst we have a nerd-gasm!