TNG Taste of Blu Ray – Taste Gooood!

Review by Sam

I snatched this from the postman as he walked up my driveway this morning. It wasn’t my proudest moment, wearing only a dressing gown and having only applied makeup to one eye.

Why is it, you then feel the need to tell the postman, what is it they are delivering to you?

The next thing I did was take the photo above as I felt a great need to share to this with my Trekkie Friends. Its one of the few times when there is a global release date that we Brits get to watch things before the Americans wake up and fill the boards with spoilers. So Na! (be quiet Auzzies!)

Then there was a great dilemma….do I watch Standard Def Encounter at Farpoint first? So I can ‘feel the benefit’ when I watch it in HD?

Nope, couldn’t wait.

The Menu page is pretty basic

It doesn’t really need to be anything too fancy. The options include
Play All
Set Up (audio)
Additional Data
The additional data is just some trailers and promos.

I’m happy with this though, in one of the trailers it mentions that the first season will be released this summer….thats right ..THIS SUMMER!!

That will have all the bonus features etc. This is, after-all, a ‘taste’ of what is to come. Not the main course with pudding.

It is a very large tasty appetiser though. I would have found snippets from episodes sufficient for a taster but to get three whole episodes (one of which is a two parter) is a real treat!
It was also a bargain costing only £6.99 on Amazon.

Ok, so I hit play for Encounter at Farpoint. Holy Moly! The Enterprise is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

I took a picture but no camera does it justice. You just have to see it on your TV. I must say, it brought tears to my eyes. I love that ship. Mike Okuda and the team working on this really did a great job.
The space scenes are where the episodes truly shine. With the crew shots, they had to do the best with the film they had.

Still, as someone who enjoys costuming you can see every seam on the uniforms. One strategically placed ‘pause’ and you can see how a uniform is constructed.
Another strategically placed pause and you’ll see Troi’s knickers.

I wonder how many times when filming the director reassured others with; “Don’t worry, it’ll never show up on the camera!”

Really think about it. The men in dresses? “Should I shave up there? I’m noticeably hairier at the top of my thighs?”
Director “Na, it’ll never show on the camera!”
Or Picard has a big white android shaped hand printed on his right buttock as he enters the turbo lift? This will all be ours for the viewing.

I know our friend DeyvID is particularly looking forward to seeking out new camel toes!

So far I have noticed the floor markers for the actors positioning. I may have been able to see them in SD, if I had ever looked?

Constructive criticism? I would have liked to have seen it in widescreen but from what I understand this wasn’t possible because of the film that was used. This will only cause me distress when my husband has to spend 30 minutes changing all the settings because he won’t accept that this is the case. Klingons eh!?
Its also a shame that a part of Sins of the Father is in SD because they can’t find the original footage! What the Spock!!?? How do you lose something so precious!? Fortunately its only 13 seconds. I however have lost my entire season 5 TNG box set.

Overall its a great excuse to watch Star Trek TNG again. Not that we really needed one but after decades of reruns, this is a welcoming refresher.
I find at different periods of my life I can see something different in the show. Sometimes its the political message, the family, psychology, philosophical messages. Now I find I’m looking at the beauty of the show and feel closer to the crew and the ship, as if I’ve been there. Because after all…..



6 thoughts on “TNG Taste of Blu Ray – Taste Gooood!”

  1. With me now coming up to the TNG series, would you recommend that I hold off and grab the Blu-Ray versions for my first full watch?

  2. Boldly Go to the Next Level!I really need to order this. The preview videos on the web are amazing. I can't wait to see it in person. This is a must-have! Wow! Season 1 coming this summer! I was hoping they would not make us wait until the end of the year.I bet the menu for the full season will be more involved and animated with functional LCARS. I want Michael Okuda to design LCARS menus for every DVD!It's unfortunate about that 13 seconds, but at least it's not during one of the Klingon scenes! LOLThat DeyvID sounds like an odd fellow… hey wait!Qapla'!

  3. Hi Sy,I'd wait, no use putting off watching TNG until then. Live is too short and you have been without so long. It can be an extra treat to watch them all again in HD!

  4. I was surprised to hear season 1 was coming out this summer too. I suspect there will be a full blown LCARs menu for that.And that DeyvID is a little odd but no more or less than the rest of us! 🙂

  5. Darlings! I've added you to my blog's super exclusive list of "Links I Love". (It's really not that exclusive, but doesn't that sound nice!) . I'm sure like many people you are asking "Who is Moxie Magnus?" Why just ask anyone and they'll say "How the Hell should I know?" Anyhoo, You ladies are lovely, keep up the fun work! (I'm serious about shopping)

  6. The show has never looked so good. I can't wait for seasons 2 and 3. Really looking forward to such gems as, Q Who, Who Watches the Watchers, The Enemy, Tin Man, etc in HD.

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