Trekkie Girls ep 19 – How To Survive a Star Trek Convention Part Three

The Trekkie Girls continue their 'How to Survive a Star Trek Convention' with advice on how the guest stars get through them. Sam and Carole have been asking many of the Star Trek actors how do they survive.
The also talk about the legacy of fandom and the unique nature of Star Trek conventions. Not bad considering they are hungover, ill and sleep deprived! 

Kira Nana & Nery’s Visitor

Our final interview from TGSITG was with the lovely Nana Visitor. We were really looking forward to talking to her as Kira Nerys is one of the most developed and interesting female characters on the show. We were struck with how much passion Nana spoke about Kira. We could sense a real feeling of guardianship over her character.               We're not sure if it's just because we're crazy fans but for a second it felt like we were with Kira, like she was peering out of Nana's eyes. In fact, it was a bit like the DS9 episode Far Beyond The Stars when Benny starts shouting "It's REEAAL, I created it and its REAL!". Kira feels more real now and we find ourselves … Continue Reading ››