Caption Contest Winner

We had a blast yesterday during our Destination Star Trek takeover. The theme was Data's Day and we learnt a lot from chatting to you. 
We heard lots of great stories about meeting Brent Spiner including Becca and Kay from Twitter who travelled all the way to Los Angeles from England to watch him perform live in a play.

Espa100 told us a funny story about how they couldn't understand each other because his English wasn't very good at the time so they communicated with hands and feet! (images of Data dancing with Dr Crusher come to mind!)
We also learned that most of you think Data swearing in Generations is more humorous than when Q gave Data the gift of laughter!

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Data’s Day

Tonight we are firing up the MIDAS array and preparing to take over the Destination Star Trek Germany Twitter and Facebook accounts again. Join us each Weds at 8pm GMT. 
Tonight we will be discussing all things Data and DSTG guest Brent Spiner. We would love to hear your experiences of meeting him so to start, we thought we'd start the discussion with this YouTube video. Contains immaturity and waffling! - you have been warned!

London Film and Comic Con 2014

Showmasters always seem to be looking out for us Trekkies and if you frequent their Forums you will have seen today's announcement that Terry Farrell and Diane Muldaur will be attending next years show!
We have only seen them both once and that was quite a while ago now, and in the States. 
Terry is as popular with us fans as Dax is with the entire Alpha Quadrant. Did you see those pics of her at Las Vegas con this year dressed in the TOS mini dress for the costumed world record attempt?  What a team player!
Diane Mulder Muldaur is best known for playing the controversial and fan dividing Doctor Pulaski but all us Trekkies love the trivia quiz where we get to identify her as Dr Miranda … Continue Reading ››

DSTG Takeover!

Remember last October when we Vulcan nerve pinched several security guards to give you a sneak peek of Destination Star Trek London? (At least, that's how we remember it!)

Well we can't wait until Feb '14 to get into Destination Star Trek Germany so we have masked our warp trail, set up transporter scattering devices and dry cleaned our lucky starfleet undies because we are taking over the official @StarTrek_DST twitter account!

Join us every Wednesday at 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET) where we will talk all things Star Trek and get excited about next Feb's event. 

This Wednesday 20th we will be talking about the guest line up. Who is going? Who do you want to see? Who are you most excited about meeting? 

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Double Take Takei

Oh George! We had to Double Take this Takei image today (M-kay?), but not for the reasons you'd think.

This is where we live! We clapped with gay glee when we saw our city's proud historic dockyard being shared by the good Captain Sulu. As you can see we're a liberal bunch here in Portsmouth so feel free to pay us a visit anytime Mr Takei. 

In fact, we have a Christmas market at the dock in December where we all dress up like we're celebrating Worf's promotion
"Or we could just make him walk the plank?"

TNG Tastic!

We thought from the first guest announcements that there was a slight leaning towards Deep Space Nine guest for February's Destination Star Trek Germany but like Spock trying to fool a supercomputer, they have us again! The next wave of guests seems to be rather Next Gen. Although Michael Dorn lends himself to more than one franchise.
Personally, we LOVE Marina, Dorn and Frakes on the stage together. They are a bundle of laughs and it's been a while since we have seen the love-triangle trio get their Imzadi on! 
We really hope they get to take to the stage together, we won't want to miss that.
So far the guest line is pretty huge:
William Shatner
Brent Spiner
Jonathan Frakes
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