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Star Trek into Darkness Preview – Back to that London

Us Trekkie Girls are setting are alarm clocks to unknown morning hours and heading back to that London tomorrow for the 9 minute preview of Star Trek into Darkness...
The complete list of UK IMAX cinemas showing the preview have now been release (see below). Ironically this list includes the BFI IMAX that we spoke to a few weeks ago and they said there were no plans so we reckon that was squeezed in last minute!
Speaking of the BFI IMAX we have the privilege of being invited to an 'exclusive footage presentation' tomorrow morning- We think that is fancy for the 9 minute preview without having to watch the Hobbit! Look out for us on Twitter and Facebook where we will be sharing our adventure and excitement from the BFI IMAX in London. As far as we can tell, this will be the … Continue Reading ››

Star Trek into Darkness – enjoy the mystery

They say time is the fire that burns within you. If so, the next five months leading up to Star Trek into Darkness is going to be an inferno.
It seems every hour there is another 'announcement' involving the identity of a character. These sources are often unconfirmed and whilst may be true, it's hard to truly accept them.
We are very excited at the thought of seeing the movie next year and the 9 minute preview this Friday but we also appreciate the mystery. How much longer in our Trek universe will we have opportunity to look forward to something new from the Franchise? To know Star Trek is in production is a gift. These moments are rare and will likely be gone forever one day. Therefore we are happy to appreciate this space of mystery, guessing and 'newness'. It won't be long until we know who Cumberbatch and Eve really play … Continue Reading ››

Star Trek into Darkness trailer

The Star Trek into Darkness trailer is spreading over the interwebs like the Tarellian Plague and we all want to get infected. So, here it is. There's also a slightly longer Japanese version that has an additional scene at the end. Watch with care....
With all the Khan and Gary Mitchell rumours still floating around, the Japanese version certainly has a Wrath of Khan vibe to it? Could the red planet be some kind of Genesis planet?
Hmmm, not convinced. But the scene where the Enterprise crashes into the sea is reminiscent of The Voyage Home? Perhaps Kirk and Spock go looking for nuclear wessles and learn colourful metaphors? When the poster was released we were certain it was London in the landscape. Watching this, we wonder if they crash the Enterprise into the Thames?? It's Ok for them to do that, because then we'll get an NCC-1701-A. Same with Spock, … Continue Reading ››

Quinto Spoofs Star Trek into Darkness Preview

Who said Vulcans don't have a sense of humour?
We are about to get Star Trek happy this Christmas what with our 9 minute preview alongside the Hobbit, The new movie poster that seems to show London in the landscape and the announcement from Simon Pegg that there will be an online advert (around one minute long) for the movie showing this Thursday. 
But Zachary Quinto went one step further on the Conan last night when he gave us this fun little preview:

9 Minutes, 8 Cinemas IN THE UK!..So far….

Sometimes we get jealous of our American Cousins. When it comes to receiving their Star Trek dosage they get Venus drug potency whilst we get vanilla. The balance has started to change though and we got excited a couple of weeks ago when we learnt that 500 IMAX cinemas worldwide would be showing the Star Trek into Darkness 9 minute preview along side The Hobbit.
Worldwide.....that has to include the UK, right?!
Well we have been searching and searching and today we were provided with a list of the first 8 Cinemas to announce that they will be showing this preview. Whilst we're very excited to find out it seems that this news has been out for almost two weeks! 
But in case we're not the last people in the UK to learn about this here are the locations with more to be announced soon: Cineworld: Dublin Nottingham Enfield Crawley Sheffield Edinburgh Ipswich Birmingham As soon as the others are … Continue Reading ››

Star Trek into Darkness Preview

The Star Wars/Disney conversation on the internet was briefly halted on the 14th Nov when Paramount Pictures announced it would be previewing 9 minutes of Star Trek into Darkness at IMAX cinemas. (Press release: PR Newswire)
Forgive us our morbidness, but anyone who has watched fanboys will understand. Every time there has been a Star Trek movie on the horizon, a dark thought, a dark twisty thought has entered our minds. For approximately 0.4 seconds (nearly an eternity, we know) we think 'a year away....we might be dead!'. Bizarre, but nonetheless, we mere mortals can never be sure when our time up and we can't help but catastrophize whilst waiting for new Star Trek. 
Therefore we are mighty glad to hear that IMAX cinemas are releasing a 9 minute preview of Star Trek into Darkness on December … Continue Reading ››

Gossip Girls

We have commented on how we feel about leaked photos and rumours from the set in a previous post Coolant Leak, I mean Photo Leak! But in the last week the internet was been rife with spoilers and rumours.  The good news is any number of fan sites that are speculating, could be right. But they don't know what we know..... The USS Enterprise stumbles upon The USS Botany Bay. The crew are perplexed by the occupants claim that they are relics from a Eugenics War as no one in the 23rd Century had heard of it. Records indicate that the Botany Bay's temporal signature is the same as Spock Primes' so they must have crossed over at some point. In this timeline there was no war in the 1990's just plenty of purchasing on … Continue Reading ››

Coolant Leak! I mean Photo Leak!

So JJ is upset about the photos that were leaked from the movie set. Upset!? I'd be furious! Have they got a Ferengi in charge of security? We happened to get a glimpse of one of these pictures, for a split second. Its hard to avoid spoilers and images like that when you're engaged in the Star Trek community.  It's not just a shame that someone took these photo's but that it spread like a tribble epidemic. We were enjoying the mystery of not knowing whether Cumberbatch was playing a Talosian or a Klingon.  Eventually details will be revealed but I think the build up and the way information is released is all part of the excitement and magic of movie making. 'Spoilers' is an appropriate name for leaks. *wish this rant was … Continue Reading ››