Star Trek into Darkness – enjoy the mystery

They say time is the fire that burns within you. If so, the next five months leading up to Star Trek into Darkness is going to be an inferno.

It seems every hour there is another ‘announcement’ involving the identity of a character. These sources are often unconfirmed and whilst may be true, it’s hard to truly accept them.

We are very excited at the thought of seeing the movie next year and the 9 minute preview this Friday but we also appreciate the mystery. How much longer in our Trek universe will we have opportunity to look forward to something new from the Franchise? To know Star Trek is in production is a gift. These moments are rare and will likely be gone forever one day. Therefore we are happy to appreciate this space of mystery, guessing and ‘newness’. It won’t be long until we know who Cumberbatch and Eve really play and we’ll have that knowledge forever.

So live in the moment, do something unexpected! And remember the temporal prime directive. Spoilers contaminate our timeline.
If you are feeling a bit fan fatigued at all the character guessing, there are plenty of other Trek mysteries that still need pondering such as Porthos’ domestic arrangements on the Enterprise and why the Founders have visible panty lines?
Speaking of founders, we got by for years with a baddie named ‘Female shape shifter’! No one complained!
If you feel ripped off that Cumberbatch might play a character named ‘John’. Just think how The Doctor feels!


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  1. The only problem I have with the whole not knowing at this point is the fact that JJ and his advertising crew have really amped up this whole "Who Is Cumberbatch?" mystery to the point of it being absurd. We get it, JJ. You know, and you're not gonna tell us. But, seriously, get over yourself. The only reason you know and we don't is that you were the director, you idiot, so stop playing with the emotions of the fans and show us the movie already.

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