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London goes Into Darkness for Earth Hour

Source: TrekMovie
Starfleet Insignia beams over London as it goes Into Darkness for Earth Hour. When we started our London4IntoDarkness campaign (to bring the worldwide premiere of STID to London) we bothered loads of important people with our idea. The feedback we got from the likes of Paramount was 'probably not the worldwide premiere, but Brits will not be disappointed with what we have planned for London'. And like Darmok with his arms wide open, we certainly have not been. First we had the announcement that London will receive the movie earlier than the US (9th May in case you have been in Rure Penthe for the last fortnight) and then last night (23rd March) London literally went Into Darkness, in aid of WWF's Earth Hour, when Paramount released some clever quadrocopters powered by green energy, in the formation of the … Continue Reading ››

Star Trek Into Darkness New Trailer

Spreading faster than a a rumour on DS9 is the latest Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer.
We have been lucky enough to see a big chunk of the film already but this includes lots of new scenes. Some battle scenes are familiar to the Trek universe, you'll recognise the Kazon assault manoeuvre  - blasting a conference room from the outside in your ship (we have all been in meetings where we wished BC would bring a swift end to it!)
And the 'closing-doors-on-dysonsphere-manoeure' - look how panicky they are! Did you see the crew of Ent-D worrying? Nope, just swayed to the left slightly.
How frickin epic does this look though!! So glad we are getting it a bit earlier in the UK. It's starting to kill us now, seeing this much but not enough! MAY THE NINTH BE WITH US!

Into Darkness Press event – no spoiler post

If you don't want to hear any spoilers about the film but want to hear other news from today's special footage screening in London, this is the post for you. Our spoiler free video reaction:
12.00 Arrive at BFI IMAX London. We notice two cars outside, an amazing coincidence!?
Bumper sticker reads - My other car's a millennium falcon
We register our attendance and cheekily ask who is here, the nice man from Paramount reassures us that we'll prefer to be surprised.
So you think your cinema is safe?
11.50 we enter the cinema, no 3D glasses have have been issued. Just bumped into some of the guys fom The Star Trek Game shindig last week. They are surprised to see us sober! Summary So we got to see the first 28 minutes … Continue Reading ››

UK Star Trek Into Darkness – Press Screening

Last night reported on a press screening event in Brazil where 38 minutes of the film were shown. So we suspect our press screening in London today will be somewhat similar. We want to respect the wishes of all fans, those who want the scoop and all the gory details but also those who appreciate the surprise and anticipation. Therefor, we won't be tweeting any spoilers, instead we'll update this page and spoilers can be seen after this jump. ***SPOILERS*** Welcome to the dark side! There be spoilers here... We have just seen 28 minutes from the Begining of Star Trek Into Darknes plus two other films that appear later in the movie. We were honestly blown away by what we have seen. Here is an account of what we saw. The first nine minutes have been widely reported but in fact are shown in a slightly … Continue Reading ››

ST: Into Darkness – Another Special Footage Screening?

**UPDATED - PARAMOUNT ANNOUNCE EARLIER UK RELEASE DATE STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS - 9TH MAY** Last December you may recall we were invited to a special footage screening of Star Trek Into Darkness. This was the first 9 minutes of the film and included a talk with the Producer Bryan Burk, Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve. It was the highlight of the year.
If those bloody Trekkie Girls mention the worldwide premiere for London one more time I'll tear this city apart!
So we are as surprised and excited as a kid on a holodeck to discover we have been invited to another special footage screening tomorrow!
We have no idea what to expect? Will it be the same 9 minutes? Will they have some extra scenes … Continue Reading ››

Star Trek Into Darkness ‘Poster’

The funniest thing happened this morning. We saw two women running out of Tesco clutching a life size cut out of Daniel Craig. Can't say we blame them, had it been any of the Star Trek cast we may have done the same (we like to think we're badass but in truth, we would have asked permission to have the cut out once they were finished with it - we're sooo Starfleet). 

So it was with great excitement to find this afternoon that Paramount have released a new poster and an animated one at that. This is free and we can all have one each! Yay!
This features a superb landscape shot of London, lending even more credence to our campaign for London to host the world premiere. 
John Harrison sounds super creepy and a bit angry when he states that 'he has … Continue Reading ››

Campaign for London to host World Premiere of ST: Into Darkness

London Prime Calling. The Trekkie Girls give three reasons why the World Premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness should happen in London:

1. The film features London. We in the 21st Century wish to show solidarity with our 23rd Century decedents.

2. Lots of British talent in the film, such as Cumberbatch, Pegg and Eve. We'd like to celebrate that in our capital.

3. British Trek fandom is at an all time high with record numbers attending events. London is also having an incredible year hosting global events - now we want a galactic celebration.

Please share and spread the word #London4IntoDarkness

Another Star Trek into Darkness Trailer

Just as we calm down from from our very public geek out out the Star Trek preview last Friday we are treated with another new trailer! Lucky us! Check it out HERE.
We know Star Trek loves viral campaigns but who ever spotted the website that was written next to the brig in the trailer must have been wearing Geordi's VISOR because we can't see it for looking! Nonetheless, we signed up, and you should too!
As you know, we don't like unauthorised leaks. Our blog doesn't share leaked photos and when we talk about rumours, it's usually with a hint of mockery and an advisory note of caution. But when it comes to approved trailers and previews we trust that the information given … Continue Reading ››

Star Trek into Darkness UK IMAX Exclusive Preview

Warning: contains spoilers! We have lived the Trekkie dream this morning by attending the Exclusive Footage Preview at the British Film Institutes IMAX in London kindly shown by Paramount Pictures. Shown before any of the many 9 minute previews scheduled around Britain along side the Hobbit. Initial reaction: replicate us some new underwear please! Check out our video for the scoop.
Warning: this video contains detailed information about the first 9 minutes of Star Trek into Darkness:
We noticed that a lot of the images from the trailer make more sense when watched in this short sequence such as the vulcano, the red planet and why the Enterprise is … Continue Reading ››