DISCO fever at STLV

Star Trek Las Vegas is now 8 days, 20 hours, 35 minutes and 40 seconds away! (And we’re not adjusting for the time zone difference – we’re not Data!).

We are all very lucky Trekkies because we are being graced with the largest ever Star Trek Discovery guest count at a Star Trek Convention!

Here is the list of DSC guests:

Sonequa Martin-Green (Burham)
Doug Jones (Saru)
Mary Wiseman (Tilly)
Anthony Rapp (Stamets)
Shazad Latif (Tyler/Voq)
Anson Mount (Pike)
Mary Chieffo (L’Rell)
Jason Isaacs (Lorca)
Wilson Cruz (Culber)
Rainn Wilson (Mudd)
James Frain (Sarek)
Jayne Brook (Admiral Cornwell)
Sam Vartholomeos (Connor)
Emily Coutts (Detmer)
Sara Mitch (Airiam)
Oyin Oladejo (Owosekun)
Kenneth Mitchell (Kol)

And the all  important behind-the scenes people:
Gersha Phillips (Costume Designer)
Neville Page (Creature and Concept designer)
Glenn Hetrick (Make Up and effects designer).

So almost everyone from Discovery will be there! Good job it’s a big stage!

San Diego Comic Con Discovery Season 2 News.

Star Trek once again took the spotlight at SDCC. We hope the Mirror Universe exhibition which was displayed will be able to make the short trip to Vegas in a couple of weeks time.

What is good about STLV following SDCC is  once the big announcements have been made, there is time for fans to think of follow up questions. It”s also much more focused toward Trek fans than the commercial showcasing at comic cons. Let’s have a quick recap at the big news on Discovery this weekend:

  1. We will see Spock! Whether this is a new cast or reused images, we’re not sure.
  2. There will be Four “Short Treks”… but we think we can see five. (Do you get it!?)
  3. Rebecca Romijn will play Number One. We loved her in Ugly Betty and can’t wait to learn more about Number One, perhaps learn her name? And learn how to pronounce Rebecca’s last name.
  4. The USS Enterprise uniforms look amazing! Anovos must be thrilled!

In case you’ve been stuck in a holodeck for the last four days, here’s the trailer…


As you’ll know (because we mention it a lot!)we are lucky to have been to a few STLVs but this one is extra exciting because it will be Sarah’s first time but also the first time in a long time that Star Trek has been in production and on air.

This excitement was felt at last years STLV in the anticipation of the show but now it’s actually happening there is scope for panels to explore new material, new cast stories, updates and new merchandise.

It’s a great time to attend an event if you’ve never been but also if you’ve been to many before.

Look out for our next post where we discuss what highlights we are most looking forward including additional items not on the official agenda.

If you haven’t got your tickets yet be quick! Creation Entertainment have various package options which we’d certainly recommend for a complete experience.

If the latinum is a bit tight we can recommend Goldstar which has weekend and daily rates at generous discount.

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