Star Trek Las Vegas Highlights and Giveaway!

The schedule for Star Trek Las Vegas hasn’t arrived yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning. We have lots to look forward too with so much planned and announced already.

We are also very fortunate to be working with STLV organisers Creation Entertainment to giveaway autographs throughout the event! Read on to find out how you can get one…

Event Highlights

As we said in our previous blog post, STLV boasts the largest gathering of Discovery guests ever! It’s almost everyone.

We want to hear every word and soak in the positivity that emanates from the cast so we’re hoping for lots of Discovery panels.

We’re particularly thrilled that Gersha Phillips, Discovery’s costume designer will be attending. We hope she gets a panel to detail her incredible work and perhaps give us some hints of what’s to come.

We have heard that the Discovery Mirror Universe Exhibition which was at SDCC at the weekend will be appearing at STLV.  We want to stand in the emperors thrown and send our foes to the agoniser booth (which will also be there!)

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Quarks Bar is our favourite spot at the convention. The CBS All Access stage is nearby and has lots of fan orientated panels such as fun quizzes, and performances.  It’s has a relaxed vibe and you can grab a bite to eat or a drink whilst you’re there. Find us there after the vendor room shuts as it’s happy hour and Chase Masterson performs each night Wednesday – Saturday.
Make sure you have plenty of cash though, the drinks ain’t cheap and they don’t take card, but you’re on holiday and Quarks bar oozes the perfect combination that is Star Trek and Las Vegas.

Karaoke is SO MUCH FUN! There are two scheduled this year. The first is Thursday night hosted by Robert O’Reily (Gowron) and JG Hertzler (Martok) … in costume! The next one is on Friday hosted by Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) and Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed). These are very popular and the talent is very good. Guest actors normally always make an appearance! You never know, you might see the Trekkie Girls up there this year!

Photoshoots: Combo’s are the latest crave. We already have photos with our old favs so convention organisers are mixing it up by adding combinations of actors such as Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp (yes please!) or Sonequa Martin-Green and Doug Jones.
We also love it when actors dress up as their characters – although this works best with the aliens! Casey Biggs will be dressed up as Damar (hero of Cardassia) on Saturday.

We’ll post more official #STLV highlights when the schedule is released.

Other/Unofficial Events

The official convention events are awesome but look out for unofficial happenings around the Rio and beyond. A great way to learn about these is by downloading the Fan Guru App. You can customise your schedule, plan meet ups and buy tickets. Make sure you add us as friend! (Username TrekkieGirls)

Fan photoshoots

Each day cosplayers can gather for a themed group photo. This can also help you choose which costume to wear on each day.
You can find out more by visiting the the app or check out Michael’s Cosplay for all scheduled photoshoots.

**UPDATE** Michaels cosplay’s shoots have proven so popular that he informs us that they will now become part of official events and organised by CBS. So timings could change but we understand they will take place on the CBS Stage … close to the bar!

Source: Michael’s Cosplay

Barfleet – We have no idea if Barfleet will be making an appearance this year but if they do – GO! Then regret it the next day.
It’s not widely announced so keep your lobes open. A team of selfless and noble individuals embody the true spirit of Starfleet by hiring a suite and turning it into a bar. You pay an entrance fee which is very reasonable, take a cup and drink and get on the dance floor.
Often celebs turn up, but this is a strictly no photo event. Which is why it’s so much fun!

FanSets Party
Get out of the Rio for an evening and visit FansSets at The Other Room (The Forum Shops at Caesars.)
I went to their first party last year and had a blast. They have pin giveaways and quizzes where you can win …more pins! Check out this #STLV beauty that will be available to buy from FanSets 

Larry Nemecek and Trekkie Girl Sam at the 2017 FanSets party.
Gaaays In Spaaace: The Wrath of Vegas

The folks at Gaaays In Spaaace will once again take over the Piranha Nightclub on Saturday 5th and celebrate the inclusion of gay characters in Star Trek. This is one big party with some fabulous costumes. Top Trek guests are always guaranteed! Event details on their Facebook page.
Buy your tickets now from Eventbrite.

Project Wish Upon  A Star: Star Trek Party

On Friday 3rd August 19:00 at TGI Fridays’s at the Gold Coast (neighbouring hotel to the Rio and a three minute walk) Charity Project Wish Upon A Star will be giving away Star Trek themed prizes and raising money for their cause.
Project: Wish Upon A Star is a Non-Profit organization with a social mission to make dreams come true for kids with cancer and other illnesses.

Night of Diversity presented by Tricorder Transmissions

Celebrating diversity in Star Trek, the Tricorder Transmissions Podcast Network will be hosting this at The Party Room at KISS Monster Mini Golf at the Rio. It is free for all to attend and takes place Saturday 4th at 20:00.
Whilst you’re visiting the Tricorder Transmissions site, be sure to check out Shore Leave podcast which features top tips for attending STLV.

There are SO MANY events going on be sure to follow us on Twitter where we will spread the word as soon as we hear of them.

Trekkie Girls and Creation Entertainment Autograph Giveaway

Thanks to Creation Entertainment we will be giving away Star Trek Autographs throughout the convention! All you need to do is look out for our clues on Twitter, like and retweet then and find us!

Keep an eye out on our feed throughout the convention for a chance to win.