Knocked Up Warm up a Maturation Chamber because Trekkie Girl Sam is pregnant! 

Order Valium Next Day Delivery After 15 long years together, me and my hubby Neil have decided to create our own offspring. After years of putting it off we knew there was only one way our friends and family would believe us and that was to ask the finest crew in Starfleet to back up our claim. So here it is: Sign reads: Meet Baby Jean-Luc. Sam and Neil’s Next Generation Beaming down late September 2014 It will of course have a solid Trekkie upbringing. We have placeholder name of Jean-Luc which is warming on us. The prime directive will be taught alongside the highway code and  Buy Roche Diazepam Online Little One will  boldly go to Star Trek conventions (if s/he wants too, that is). We’ll now be watching all the parenting episodes of Star Trek to get tips. Except for TNG Disaster.
We’d like to thank the convention gods (Media 10) at Destination Star Trek Germany for arranging this photo. Big thanks to Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn and Gates McFadden for agreeing to it too, it is truly precious and was an incredible moment.