Living my best Trek Life

On Star Trek’s 51st Anniversary, I reflect back on my summer of Star Trek.

As part of our midlife crisis, my family and I have spent the summer in the United States of America, touring parts we have never been before and and some we have.

And you know what they have a lot of in America? STAR TREK!

So with my ever tolerant and patient hubby and son, we scheduled in plenty of trekkie goodness into the trip.

San Diego Comic Con

SDCC was unexpected when we planned to come here. This was an incredible experience where I got to meet our soon-to-be favourite characters and writers from Star Trek Discovery by moonlighting for TrekCore. Check out posts from the press conference, interviews and Discovery Exhibit.

Star Trek Las Vegas

Five days of non-stop Trek goodness at Star Trek Las Vegas. This year had more of a family/friends reunion feel to it. Last years fiftieth celebrations was incredible, but I’d definitely recommend fans visit again on a calmer year. Although it seems Star Trek has a lot to be celebrating for many years to come.

Bookings are open for 2018

Yosemite National Park

I’ll be honest, I’m not an outdoorsy person. I can admire a beautiful landscape for about two minutes and I can’t stand hiking/walking. That said, Yosemite was a must! (After all, it features in the greatest ST movie of all time – Star Trek The Final Frontier) j/k.

I sang “Row, row row your boat” whilst sat under El Capitan and joked about dying alone.

My only disappointment was not finding a “Go climb a rock” T-Shirt in the gift shop.

Tillman Gardens –  Starfleet Academy

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Larry Nemecek in Los Angeles who showed me some sites from Star Trek and I got a sneak peak from his Geek Nation Tours.

First stop was the Tillman water reclamation plant and Japanese Gardens. Known to us fans as Starfleet Academy. They even have a sign at the front entrance to inform visitors that this is where scenes from Star Trek were filmed.

It was surreal being there looking at the building and walking in the pristine gardens which look like Boothby himself maintains.

Larry showed me where Picard’s tree was from the episode ‘The First Duty’. Unfortunately it was cut down a year ago and a new one planted. I quipped that it’s been replanted so it will be in its prime in 400 years time.

The most precious moment was when I took a picture of my son and without being prompted or asked he attempted a Vulcan salute. As if everything in his upbringing had told him, when stood outside Starfleet academy, do a Vulcan salute! The concentration on his face was everything!

Griffith Observatory

Every time I’m in LA, all I do is quote from VOY: Future’s End. It’s one of my all time favourite episodes so it’s a crime that I’ve never been to Griffith Observatory before.

It really is a stunning place and a great tribute to science. What I loved most was if you turn ‘right at Saturn’ – as Rain Robinson directs Paris and Tuvok – you end up in the Leonard Nimoy Theatre.

We caught the show, narrated by Nimoy which talks about the history and refurbishment of the Observatory. It’s fascinating and a joy to see Nimoy and his wife Susan on screen.

To experience this and many more gems such as Vasquez Rocks (Gorn scene) and the desert from ST Generations, visit Geek Nation Tours.

Extra Star Trek Time

One of the best things about fandom is having other Trekkie friends on your level. Who are just as crazy. Not more crazy (that would be weird) and not less crazy (then I’d look weird). Other than my fellow Trekkie Girls, I’d definetly count Jim Moorhouse (@EnterpriseExtra on Twitter) among one of ‘my level’ trekkie friends. We got the chance to hang out. Experience my first Chilli’s and spent a few hours talking non-stop Star Trek.

Overall, it’s been an amazing couple of months in America for me and a very successful 51st year for Star Trek. As Vic Fontaine says “The best is yet to come….”