London Film and Comic Con 2019

Trekkie Girls LFCC
Photo: Michael Clark

Last weekend we went to London Film and Comic at Olympia. As we say every year, it seems to get bigger each time.  We attended on the Sunday which was perfect. Whilst it was hot it wasn’t completely sweltering and the crowd size was big enough to have a good vibe without being overwhelmed.

William Shatner

The William Shatner talk was PACKED. This man does a lot of conventions and still draws in the crowds. He keeps it fresh, entertaining and humorous. Because he never stops working he always has breaking news to share with the audience. 

This time he told us he was working on a Blues album! He Is also making a documentary about making a Blues album. 

Remarkably he shared a story about his time on Star Trek that we hadn’t heard before. One day there was a fire on the set of Star Trek The Search for Spock. 

He emphasised how dangerous fires on sets are, there are plastics, chemicals and you are in a contained space. But he had committed to filming TJ Hooker after Star Trek and was determined not to be late. He ran to the set, grabbed a garden hose and started putting it out himself!
He exclaimed “I’d rather die than be late for TJ Hooker!”

William Shatner’s new show The UnXplained will be airing in the UK soon.

Robert Picardo

We had an amazing talk with Robert Picardo – Voyagers EHM. Not only was he very gracious, he informed us he was in talks to return in Star Trek Picard. Check out our special report and interview.

Shazad Latiff

What a treat it was to talk to Shazad Latiff. He genuinely speaks with passion and love about his time of Discovery. We even conversed in Klingon! If you get the chance to meet Shazad at a convention, do it! 

Check out interview with Shazad here.

Jason Isaacs

Carole was keen to get Jason’s autograph but his queue was rather busy all day so we saved this till the end of the day when we were able to walk right up to the table! (it’s a risky strategy though!)

Jason was so warm and friendly. If you are the kind of fan who has trouble talking to actors then Jason is a perfect candidate for approaching. He made conversation with everyone who approached him. It’s as if he understands that most fans aren’t handing over money for just his autograph but we are paying for the privilege of a small interaction and a memory to cherish. In all honesty, most actors we meet understand this but as their auto value goes up, it can be harder to maintain that connection.

As always it’s always fun to return to LFCC. We bumped into so many friends and even Carole’s parents and brother! We also loved having such a high turnout of Star Trek actors.