Make it Sew, Part One


As you know, we normally spend our weekend in the Mud Baths of Shiralea VI, or under the twin Suns of Risa but this weekend we ventured north of the Thames and boldly went to Northampton.
For it was that time of year again, the Klingon Starfleet Banquet as hosted by Starbase 24. This was their 4.5th event which they hold to raise money for the cancer charity Macmillan.

What better way could we raise money for charity by dressing up, celebrating Gene Roddenberry’s vision for the future by giving some of our money to help us achieve that vision.

Preparing for this event was no easy task though so we got all Garak-like and took to our sewing machines! Check out our special Make-It-Sew episode of Trekkies Girls.

We will be updating throughout the week with posts and videos about the run-up and the event itself But I’ll leave you with this picture which shows that Sam didn’t go for the yellow spandex number but did find a close colour match for the science skant…

Teressa, Sam and Carole