Sci-Fi Ball 24 – Day One



It’s the 24th Sci-Fi Ball at the Grand Harbour Hotel Southampton which once again has an incredible line up. Representing Star Trek are Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax, DS9), vic Mignogna (Captain Kirk, ST: Continues), Chris Doohan (ST 09, Into Darkness and St Continues) and Gary Graham (Ambassador Soval, ENT).

The event is on all weekend and we highly suggest you drop all your plans and join us.

We spent the afternoon interviewing the guests asking them about their time in Star Trek. Be sure to check back early next week when these will be posted.

The hotel has been assimilated and includes the fantastic Star Trek sets from the USS Riker’s Beard which you are free to enjoy and take your photo with.


The opening ceremony was like a warp core explosion of energy with all guests taking the stage. Followed by a party with games all through the night.

Highlight: Celebrating Sarah’s Birthday together in a fabulous but friendly environment.

Weird Bit: Kissing a Gorn!