Star Trek Discovery – Timeline revealed, Who we hope to see…

At the Television Critics Press Association Press tour (we don’t know what that is either!) Bryan Fuller spilled some goodies about the new Star Trek series Discovery.

If you haven’t read all about it, check out this article from Variety who were reporting live from the event. Then come back whilst I speculate with my thoughts!
Here’s a cheat sheet of the news thanks to Screen Junkies.discofacts

Just as a caveat to the above, I can’t find any direct source that states the series will be set in the Klingon Wars. It’s probably a good guess as a lot of events have been ruled out such as the Romulan war (Battle of Axanar) and The Kobayashi Maru.  Bryan Fuller did mention Amanda Grayson too but it didn’t read as definite that her character is included.

Whilst in Vegas, Carole and I spent a lot of time speculating with others when we thought Discovery would be based. I believed it would be based in the 29th Century, that it was a timeship and each season it would cover a different point in Star Trek history, filling in all those loose ends or raising new questions…. by the way, if you like that idea CBS… call me! I have more ideas!

Now we have a timeline we can start speculating!

Of course we want new characters to push the boundaries, to deliver the social commentary in the way only Star Trek can. But once every one has settled in and the characters and storyline are established, we can’t help but hope the writers throw in some nostalgia for us. So here are some suggestions and speculations as to how they could do that:

Let’s assume the story arc involves Klingons. Let’s also recap what else has been happening in the last year. We had these two stories;

  • Tony Todd drops out of Axanar and is rumoured to have been on a Casting list for the new series. It is treated as a rumour as nothing official was ever announced but this did come direct from Tony Todd. – See Trekcore news article
  • Michael Dorn campaigned to #BringBackWorf as Captain Worf of his own ship on his own TV series. This made some traction at CBS making it as far as informal talks with execs. Trektoday

The Captain Worf series lost all hope when Discovery was announced. But maybe, just maybe our Dorny could still be in for a chance?

Let us also assume that the new series is set in 2255 (There’s conflicting information as to what year Kirk assumes command with Memory Alpha citing 2264, 2265 and even 2277, but lets go with 2255. It could be that Colonel Worf (or his father) are around and involved in Klingon Political affairs?

It’s also worth noting that it was Nicolas Meyer who was keen to have Michael Dorn play his grandfather in The Undiscovered Country. Meyer is now a writer on Star Trek Discovery.


Curzon Dax

Curzon Dax wasn’t joined until 2286 but which time he was already a leading Federation Ambassador on his way to negotiate the Khitomer accords. He must have had quite the career before he was joined too. Imagine if the pre-joined Curzon worked with Worf’s Grandfather!? Squee!!! I know I’m extending lives here to make this work but Star Trek does this all the time.

Then there is the actual Dax symbiont …

Whilst there were a few short lived hosts between Emony and Curzon, Emony is relevant because of her connection to Dr McCoy. We know they met on Earth before he served on the Enterprise. Perhaps there is scope for more backstory and special appearances from the Dax symbiont or its hosts?


TPol2154Our favourite Vulcan lady will be a mere 167 years young when this series launches. I like how she had mellowed and become settled with herself and amongst humans in the episode ‘These are the Voyages’ and I think she would have developed like Spock. Much more comfortable with her emotional side. She’d be incredible as a guest star and may also help provide some much needed closure for us Enterprise fans.

Interaction with the Kelvin Timeline

Much effort has been made by each TV series and movies to give a nod to another. I’d like to see a Prime Timeline connection to the Kelvin Timeline. This could be a couple of series in, in 2258 when Nero attacks Vulcan. There could be some temporal disruption that effects all universes each time red matter is used as a weapon. And when I say all universes, I mean the Mirror universe too!

In fact, the USS Kelvin could still be alive and well with Captain Robau an Admiral perhaps? And if Captain Kirks fit daddy can make an appearance, all the better!


In the meantime we are excited to learn all about the new characters that will beam onto our TV sets.

Again, if you’re Bryan Fuller and you’re reading this, call me!! I have scripts already!

Best tweet regarding the announcements:


3 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery – Timeline revealed, Who we hope to see…”

  1. That timeship approach sounds interesting, but we already have so many time travel shows (Dr. Who, Quantum Leap, …) and I’m with the Vulcan science council on time travel 😉
    Love all the other proposals!

    I also expect to learn why Klingons see Tribbles as such a threat to the empire.
    I’m bit afraid there’ll be a shortage of ligth episodes, anyway.
    How ’bout a Tribbels & Tribbelations triple crossover/layover?

    Regards Christoph

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