STLV 2018 – Day One and Two


Our first day at STLV and we get straight of the plane and into the Mirror universe! Pretty sure we’ve seen that episode before!

The first thing we like to do as soon as we get to a convention is see everything and everyone immediately! Luckily we are doing an autograph giveaway with Creation Entertainment so this was a great chance to mingle.

We managed one drink in Quarks before the jet lag threatened to leave us u conscious on the convention floor so we called it an early night.

Voyager Panel.

We’re up bright and early this morning (this’ll be the last time that happens!) so we beat the queue at Hash House a Go Go and order the biggest breakfast we have ever seen.

Voyager panel is first with Jeri Ryan, Garrett Wang, Tim Russ, Robert Beltran and Ethan Phillips. Hosted by Chase Masterson they were a blast sharing their banter.

Some of the news that came out:

Garrett was keen not to play a stereotyped Asian man. He wanted to Starfleet first and Asian second. Also said he thought all world leaders should be forced to watch all Star Trek episodes!

An audience member asked Jeri Ryan if she knew about Marina Sirtis’s contract issues in Nemesis. Last year Marina told STLV that she had been threatened to be replaced with Jeri Ryan.  Jeri said she didn’t know about Marina, but she was approached to replace a different actor. She declined to say who.

Rick Berman was straight on twitter  to deny this claim.  So who knows what happened?

What is good about panels like Voyager is when the guests start asking each other questions. It would be somewhat uncouth if we asked Tim Russ if he uses his Tuvok voice when discipling his daughter yet Garrett Wang gets away with it!

Jason Isaacs

Taking the stage at his first STLV.  Jason Isaacs was an immediate favourite. He has great presence, openness and humour. He engaged brilliantly with the audience. He knew exactly what we wanted to hear and deliver it in an entertaining way.

He starts by telling us we can ask him questions and he will continue to lie and keep secrets from us!

Jason grew up a Star Trek fan and said he idolised William Shatner…then corrected himself… Captain Kirk *audience collectively ohhhhs*

When auditioning he was told that Lorca has a secret from the crew but the wouldn’t what. Eventually they told him as he said he couldn’t play a character without knowing what was happening under the surface.

Jason shared that he realised the enormity of the show when hearing some of the negative feedback from so called fans and expresssed that he is worried that we at risk of being like humans in the Mirror universe (and he would know the difference!). This has made telling these morality stories even more important.

Talking about how there are no creased clothes in the 23rd Century had us in stitches. They actually had him wear two costumes and cut the scenes when he sits down and stands up. Anything to avoid him pulling the Picard manoeuvre or worse, the famous Starfleet camel toe!


Discovery Story Telling.

This panel focused on writing the novels, comics and gaming content  for Star Trek Discovery. The panel was hosted by John Van Citters (VP CBS Licensing) and included Mike Johnson (comic writer), Erin Prince (ST Timelines) and Ed Schlesinger (Editor Simon & Schuster).

We find these sort of panels are often overlooked by convention attendees which is a shame because they offer so much insight into the nuts and self sealing stem bolts of Star Trek.

Woman of Star Trek

Hosted by Amy Imhoff from Shoes and Starships and featuring Marina Sirtis, Mary Cheiffo, Sarah Guide (Nerd Camp), Sue Kisenwether (Woman at Warp) and Alisa Pearl (Nerdist).

We have seen a couple of panels hosted by Amy and we always find them to be a thoughtful, well constructed discourse about the subject of women in Star Trek. It is perfect balance between celebration of the women who have inspired others and criticism of when Star Trek has fell short.

Around the Convention

A during the panels we exploring the convention floor. There is so much to see including browsing the vendors room (dangerous) and seeing tall the props. The Mirror Universe exhibit is a real treat. A great opportunity to see actual screen used props and costumes in the flesh.

The Wrath of the Monster Maroons.

We chose today to wear our Monster Maroon constume so we could participate in the group cosplay photo. As we’ve said hundreds of time we LOVE these costumes! We feel like a boss wearing them. So seeing others in them is a treat. This was topped with a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL!

We retreated to our quarters to  celebrate with a bottle of Bolly beforehand exploring the STLV nightlife. The highlight has to be this beautiful rendition of Time after Time by the Duras sisters IN KLINGON!!!