The Saturday of any convention is always the busiest. Fortunately at STLV this never leads to suffering. It’s a combination best described as  Starship on red alert with officers racing to their stations and a party on Risa, where no one knows anyone but you’re all friends.

We had no idea that this day was going to pan out the way it did. Earlier in the week we briefly stopped to say Hi to someone at CBS and they said “We got a surprise this weekend, I think you’ll like it”. We didn’t think anything of it. Perhaps an Enterprise shaped cat basket was about to be announced!?

We gazed at the info on the screen informing us Alex Kurtman had a surprise announcement  and suspected that they were going to tell us the air date of Season 2 Discovery. Or that they had cast Spock.


Patrick Stewart wasn’t billed to be at STLV this year so seeing him walk on the stage…..we all knew! The audience absolutely lost their shit!

Ok, we had heard the rumours. You know what we did with those rumours? We squashed them into a tribble sized ball and pushed them down so far down that we could never indulge in that fantasy. There was nothing solid or credible in them anyway.

Patrick Stewart spoke about how he had been approached about doing a new series and he initially declined. But he rewatched the series and felt these stories are needed more than ever. (we suspect there were some other conditions met too!)

He said “20 years will have past since Nemesis. No scripts as of yet. Very very different. He might not be a captain. He is a changed man but the show will be made with the same passion, determination and love of our followers as before!”

The mood at STLV was now full on celebratory. Fans turned to the person next to them and hugged. People could hardly talk from screaming with excitement. As if we didn’t have enough excitement, we had our first Star Trek Discovery panel.

Discovery Panel


These actors had so much energy and passion towards their work and to us fans. Here’s what happened:

  • When heard that she was serving on the Shenzhou she thought ”I’m going to die….like Sam” Haha, burn!
  • Audience asked “you said Michelle Yeoh was a force to be reckoned with, what did you mean by that?” replied “well…..she is Michelle Yeoh”
  • We want to ask Sarah Mitch what Airiam is. But then we think of that Mean Girls scenes “OMG Karen you can’t ask someone why they aren’t Human!”
  • Talking about what a Queen Sonequa is, Sam agrees but reminds people not to get in an elevator her.
  • Yesterday we heard from Marina that her job was at risk because there were too many women on the show. Today we have four diverse women cast members of on the stage and it feels normal and natural.
  • . is emotional talking about her experience watch TOS as a child. She would come home and have milk and cookie and watch Star Trek “For a little brown girl in a white neighbourhood it gave me hope for the future..”
Gaaays In Spaaace and Night of Diversity

In the evening we made our way to the Piranha nightclub to celebrate Gaaays in Spaaace! A celebration of there finally being gay people in Star Trek! Unfortunately it clashed with the Tricorder Trnsmission’s Night of Diversity party which was also celebrating diversity in Star Trek but with a charitable cause attached. We had no choice, we had to do both!

The atmosphere at the Piranha nightclub was fabulous and this in large because of the incredible Trek themed drag acts Jackie Cox and Vida LaFierce.

It was a gracious act for Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz to show up to both events and was greatly appreciated by fans. We loved that Rekha Sharma came to support too. She rocks and we love her!

Undoubtedly Saturday was one of the best days we had ever experienced at any Star Trek convention. We came away from it with many new friends, much less money, memories to last us a lifetime and a hangover which only lasts a day!


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