STLV18 Day Three

The atmosphere at the years STLV is so much more relaxed despite there being so much more original and new content to see. So far, it’s the best year!

We start the day with a DS9 talk.

Deep Space Nine Panel

Creation Enterainment’s top Admiral Adam has joined the band are performing a very cool soft rock version of the DS9 theme track! Sorry we didn’t record it. We take those ‘no recording’ requests serious as we’d like Press Passes granted in future years!

The panel consisted of Ira Steven Behr, Nicole de Boer, Andrew Robinson, James Darren and Chase Masterson.
Something we have noticed every time we see Ira is that he is very open to self criticism and openly encourages it from the audience and and the panel participants. Unsurprisingly these are the people  who need that feedback the least because they are so highly regarded.

This is certainly the case with Ira who was praised continually from the cast. However he did ask them one question, what they would have like to have seen from their character that was either missed out or didn’t make sense to them?

Chase would’ve liked to have seen Leeta save the day. Whilst Andrew Robinson was very disappointed not to have been cast in the Baseball episode! (Take me out to the holosuite). Ira defended himself saying Garak would cheat, then change sides half way through to which Andrew responded “THAT’S A BETTER EPISODE RIGHT THERE!”


TNG Panel Pt1.

Hosted by our favourite host Scott Mantz, todays first TNG panel included Gates McFadden (Dr Crusher), Michael Dorn (Worf) and Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar)

Gates shared with us this story that we hadn’t heard before! Sometimes I wonder if they make them up now for our amusement. Either way. We enjoy them!

In TNG Decent after Gates took command of the Enterprise she and the props department redecorated the bridge to surprise Patrick Stewart. It included framed pictures of Wesley Crusher and a champagne bottle whilst she sat there with curlers and bath robe! (Anyone else think there was a candle holder involved!?)

There was a surprise from the audience questions when Tasha Yar’s sister Ishara turned up!

Rainn Wilson

Did you know Rainn played a Thermian in Galaxy Quest?? We didn’t!

Rainn announced that one of the ‘Short Treks’ (mini Star Trek episodes set to debut later this year) will feature Harry Mudd. It will be ‘hilarious but twisted and we see some aliens not seen before’. That’s all he could say before the suits loaded up their phaser rifles.

He spoke about the complexity of playing a villain with an edge whilst also being there to provide some comic relief. which spurred an excellent question from the audience; were we actually watching Mirror Universe Harry Mudd???

TNG Part 2. Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes.

We wouldn’t miss out on this panel for all the latinum in Morns belly.  We LOVE these two and they didn’t disappoint.

First we got some exclusive news. Marina Sirtis is set to appear on The Orville!! YAS!!!

Here’s our coverage in tweet form because it’s easier!

  • Talking about her secret Toronto filming job. “I had to sign an NDA. I feel like one of Trumps mistresses!”
  • Marina warns to stop being funnier than her. They are all killing it up there!
  • “I drove the director of Nemisis off the set the first day I worked.”
  • “Majel shows up as my mother and she’s from the American sector of Betazed and then my dad turns up and he is from Oklahoma so my accent made no sense!” –
  • Wil Wheaton bought the same car as Patrick Stewart, a Honda Accord. They bought them at the same time so Patrick went out and bought a Jaguar! Haha
  • Marina says Thomas Riker was cuter than Will Riker “he didn’t lean as much!” –  

We suspect Frakes got two words in during the entire panel! It was perfect!

The Evening

With the panels finished it was time to enjoy our evening. This started by walking over to the Gold Coast Hotel which many STLV attendees stay at. We went to support the Project – Wish Upon A Star which is Non-Profit organization with a social mission to make dreams come true for kids with cancer and other illnesses.

Bobby Clark (AKA The Gorn) was supporting the event along with Geeki Tiki’s who make these fabulous Trek themed Tiki Cups from Think Geek.

Star Trek TNG Geeki Tikis – All Six Geeki Tiki TNG

Star Trek TNG Geeki Tikis - All Six Geeki Tiki TNG

FanSets Party

Trekkie Girls FanSets party STLV

FanSets are a wonderful bunch who make official Star Trek Pins. They held their 2nd annual STLV Party at the Other Place at Caesars Palace.  When we got to Caesars, we chose the wrong drop off location so had to walk the length of the hotel, casino and shopping mall dressed in our Starfleet finest which drew some attention. What was remarkable was how positive everyone was. People from all walks of life (well, as diverse as it gets in a Las Vegas casino!) were approaching us to to say they love Star Trek. A rather wealthy looking couple (judging by their shopping and attire!) stopped us to show us pictures when they both started dating – dressed in TOS costumes. When we told them about the convention they were ecstatic. We hope they were able to visit.

Back to FanSets. This company stands out for its genuine passion for Star Trek and it’s customer base. This can be witnessed online with the way they deal with queries through social media and in person at their stalls.

The party was rammed but the atmosphere was perfect.

Bill from the Trek Geeks podcast put on a trivia quiz and raffle with some amazing prizes. Everyone walked out with something.