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Sci-Fi Ball – Day Two

Day two of the Sci-if Ball and after a nice big fry up breakfast we settled into the main hall to listen to our favourite guests. IMG_0389

Gary Graham

The day started with a talk by Gary Graham who is best known (to us!) for his role as Ambassador Soval in Enterprise. https://twitter.com/trekkiegirls/status/959746909672964096 Gary spoke about how he got the part of Soval and thought he was going to be a one-off appearance in the pilot episode. He also spoke to Rick Berman for a briefing on how Vulcans think, feel and behave. https://twitter.com/trekkiegirls/status/959754444912123904 Highlight: Gary has a great sense of humour and is a complete contrast to Soval. So it was extra delightful when he went full on Vulcan at the end of the talk and give us the customary Vulcan greeting. https://twitter.com/trekkiegirls/status/959755730143338496 Weird bit: https://twitter.com/trekkiegirls/status/959752058525151232

Vic Mignogna and Chris Doohan

For those unfamiliar with the fan series Star Trek Continues, we highly recommend you give … Continue Reading ››