TrekRanks – Top Five Two-Part Episodes

This week I was honoured to be a guest on brilliant TrekRanks Podcast. It’s Prime Directive is to encourage positive discussion on all aspects of Star Trek. It achieves this by asking guests to talk about their ‘top  five’ of various Trek subjects.

It is hosted by the cordial host Jim Moorhouse (@EnterpriseExtra on Twitter) and has a format that is very conducive to exploring all the best aspects of Star Trek.

Myself along with Rob Chapman from the Trek Book Club on twitter were guests this week to discuss our top five two-part episodes.

At first the thought of narrowing down to five filled me with dread. There’s too many! But when I made peace with the fact that there were no right or wrong answers, I found I picked the episodes that gave me the most to talk about.

I also loved hearing what Rob and Jim picked, it wanted me to change mine immediately!

Jim asked us to create a hash tag and five word description of each episode.  See if you can guess mine?

  1. #47988
    You obtuse piece of flotsam!
  2. #BellRiots2024
    The 21st Century – Too Depressing.
  3. #AllHailEmpressSato
    Sexy, Defiant, Cochrane and Gorn.
  4. #FootlooseAndFancyFree1996
    Quasi Cardassian Totalitarians In LA
  5. #JanewayIsSoObsessedWithGettingTheCrewHomeSoSheDoesItAgain
    Star Trek The Voyager Home

I had so much fun doing this and am grateful for the opportunity to have shared my thoughts and listen to others.

Listen to this episode of TrekRanks on iTunes or via the Tricorder Transmissions .