Where is the USS Discovery? What is Lorca up too?

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**Spoilers ahead**

New Discovery

Star Trek Discovery restarts the second half of Season One in a matter of hours on the 7th January (US and Canada) and 8th January everywhere else on Netflix.

At the end of ‘Into the Forest I Go’ we all saw Captain Lorca override the spore navigation drive. But where did he send them?

Lorca’s Agenda

What did Lorca DO!? Since the second episode of Discovery we have been back and forth with where we stand on Lorca. These characters are deeper than the classic goodie/baddie archetypes so we are happy to indulge the mystery. It’s very refreshing to have a Star Trek make a big deal about the mental health of it’s crew. This is why we were thrilled to see a Psychiatrist with the rank of Admiral in Katrina Cornwell.

Where ARE they??

Here’s our theories:

  1. USS Buran
    He has gone back in time to save his crew who were ALL captured by Klingons except him. That has to mess you up. At the end of “Into the Forest I go” Lorca says “Let’s go home”. Which could mean he is still pining for his old quarters.
  2. Battle of the Binary Stars
    An efficient way of winning the war is to stop it ever starting. Also it looks like they jumped into a debris of starships much like the one seen during that battle. If you subscribe to the Voq is Tyler theory, they could come face to face!
  3. A Parallel Universe
    From the moment we met Lorca we wondered if he was from the Mirror Universe. Maybe he is returning with the prized USS Discovery, much like how Sisko was taken to duplicate the Defiant. Maybe he is from the prime universe but wants to exploit knowledge/weapons from the mirror universe. Maybe he is just exploring?
    What would be fun is it they found themselves in the JJ-Verse.
  4. The Future
    Whilst attempting to jump into a different place/time they inadvertently end up in the future. Perhaps the Discovery’s future. A future where Tilly is the Captain and she tells Stamets to lay of the mushrooms and stop sticking needles in his arms.
  5. USS Pegasus
    Ok, now we’re just being silly. But image some crazy meta episode where the crew learn about the Treaty of Algeron whilst Riker slacks off in the Holodeck with Captain Archer, and Jonathan Frakes is directing it all!

But the most likely scenario is Lorca’s intervention didn’t go to plan and Stamets wasn’t able to make the jump. Lorca fesses up, the crew scold him but with their combined brain power come up with a solution to get themselves out of it because yay teamwork!

Eitherway, it’s the crews first day back after the Christmas break. Star Trek released this image which we felt needed editing to reflect our thoughts on what is happening here.

Where do you think they are?