Bonjour Mon Capitaine

It doesn’t matter how many times we see Patrick Stewart, he always delivers something fresh, new and interesting. This is true of the questions fans ask him, most were orientated towards his overall career and interests rather than focusing on just his time in Star Trek.

When asked about his opinion on a possible TNG Prequel he responded that it simply couldn’t work because of Data, he was never a boy!
But it’s only impossible until its not eh?
Patrick spoke about the comparison between working on Shakespearian plays and Star Trek and they were remarkably similar, strange language, funny costumes with tights, a stage with side exits and a throne. We hasten to add randy men with beards.
Marc Alaimo said something similar in one of his talks that there are so many classically trained actors in Star Trek because they can handle the language.
When talking about his position as Chancellor for Huddersfield University (we so hope he wears robes like Gowron!) he accepted immediately because he promised to give back to West Yorkshire after he received a grant for a drama scholarships hen he was young. And oh my gorn has he given back!

He mentioned he would like to do more comedy, as he feels that making people laugh is one of the true joys in life. We couldn’t agree more (then again he could tell us that a money saving website will make us feel epic and we’d believe him!)

When he finished. And this is real important. He said he’d love to be back next year but with the entire TNG cast. YOU HEAR THAT convention gods!? If you build it, we will come.

He also declared that this was the most friendly bunch of convention goers he has ever encountered. Well done Trekkies, we pleased The Picard!