More Star Trek designs added to Wild Bangarang collection.

We posted a review some weeks back on the new range of official Star Trek apparel from Wild Bangarang which we instantly fell in love with so we were thrilled to hear from them again to say they had added to their range.

They have kindly sent us these products however we only review and recommend products we like.

Newly added to the collection include Klingon leggings and a dress, Romulan leggings and the Juan Ortiz retro prints – which you may remember from the 50th Anniversary art collections.

Juan Ortiz Art Leggings

We couldn’t resist these Starfleet Pride leggings though. And just in time for Pride Month too!

Starfleet Pride

Sarah being a Trekkie in Training went for the Space Cadet leggings which are themed around Starfleet Academy.

Space Cadet

And Carole loved the Klingon Bird of Prey dress which is perfect for those hot sweaty convention days or everyday wear!

I’m your mother now

These leggings and dresses are great additions to the collection and we are so happy to see a company investing in women oriented clothing for Star Trek, particularly one which is available in the UK as well.
Whilst Wild Bangarang have other licenses the expansion of the Star Trek collection is a welcome sight.

As we said previously we love that we can wear these every day, they can be worn casually or dressed up. We did find the the sizes run a little smaller than we anticipated so bear that in mind when ordering…

Wild Bangarang Star Trek Collection

Because we were feeling a bit silly we thought we should test out the leggings to see if they hold up to the Bev/Deanna exercise routine. The leggings held up perfectly however our dignity did not! We deemed the photos too horrific to post and deleted them from our phones and minds. But one remains….