Loving L’Rell with the Disco Trek Podcast

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https://parisnordmoto.com/qk9k9kme I recently had the privilege and honour to appear on the Disco Trek Podcast. Part of the Tricorder Transmissions network which delivers thought provoking discussions on a variety of Star Trek topics.


https://www.radioculturasd.com.br/hrtkeg3qm7w The two hosts Heather Barker (@LLAPawsper) and Jeff Hulit (@WarpFactorJeff) have been providing a review of each Star Trek Discovery episode. Whilst the series is on Hiatus, they are deep diving into the characters.

http://mgmaxilofacial.com/8fbfywjwau9 When the opportunity to deep dive on the topic of L’Rell’s character, I put in a request to participate and was fortunate enough to appear along with Jeff, Heather and Anika (@manicpixiedane) who beautifully coined the term Social Justice Klingon Warrior Princess!


Before I appeared on the show I pondered which way to approach the discussion and that led me to question why I am so intrigued by L’Rell? I think it is her mystery that makes her so appealing. Often I find when we don’t know much about people, we project onto them what we want to believe. Which is probably why I focused on connections and similarities I feel I have with the character…. I mean, there aren’t many people who have had a bomb in their hands capable of blowing up their home planet so they go for a power grab!!?


I hope you enjoy listening, please do subscribe to Disco Trek and check out their other podcasts too! (PS. Apologies if I sound incoherent, I misjudged the time and we recorded this at 2am!)