Loving L’Rell with the Disco Trek Podcast

Disco Trek – L’Rell – Listen Now

I recently had the privilege and honour to appear on the Disco Trek Podcast. Part of the Tricorder Transmissions network which delivers thought provoking discussions on a variety of Star Trek topics.

The two hosts Heather Barker (@LLAPawsper) and Jeff Hulit (@WarpFactorJeff) have been providing a review of each Star Trek Discovery episode. Whilst the series is on Hiatus, they are deep diving into the characters.

When the opportunity to deep dive on the topic of L’Rell’s character, I put in a request to participate and was fortunate enough to appear along with Jeff, Heather and Anika (@manicpixiedane) who beautifully coined the term Social Justice Klingon Warrior Princess!

Before I appeared on the show I pondered which way to approach the discussion and that led me to question why I am so intrigued by L’Rell? I think it is her mystery that makes her so appealing. Often I find when we don’t know much about people, we project onto them what we want to believe. Which is probably why I focused on connections and similarities I feel I have with the character…. I mean, there aren’t many people who have had a bomb in their hands capable of blowing up their home planet so they go for a power grab!!?

I hope you enjoy listening, please do subscribe to Disco Trek and check out their other podcasts too! (PS. Apologies if I sound incoherent, I misjudged the time and we recorded this at 2am!)