Saturday at Star Trek Las Vegas – William Shatner, Brent Spiner +LeVar Burton Panels

Saturday at Star Trek Las Vegas was as packed with Star Trek goodness as a type 15 shuttlepod on a supply mission.

William Shatner

Scott Mantz (our favourite moderator) spoke to William Shatner and their friendship and camaraderie shone through.

Shatner is a man who shows no sign of slowing down. He has an ability to hold the audience with his dry wit and his well….Shatnerisms!

He alluded to a new project to be announced this week involving Virtual Reality and something that ‘had never been done before’?

It will also be of no surprise to learn that he has a new book coming out! No really!

There were a few awkward question from audience saying that a scene was written for Captain Kirk in Star Trek 09. Shatner vehemently disputed it.

Conclusion: Beneath his put-down sense of humour William Shatner obviously functions on a deep level. I’ve often said that he sounds like a therapist in the language he uses.

Highlight: Finding out that The Wrath of Khan will show in 600 cinema’s across the US on the 10th and 13th September. William Shatner also received one of the few standing ovations of the week.

Weird Bit: An audience member became notorious for introducing himself (actually his mother would introduce him!) and would share his trekked up name (it had it all, even the Tiberius!). Shatner didn’t hold back on his opinion!!

Brent Spiner and LeVar Burton

Originally meant to be Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes, LeVar stepped up and we are grateful he did. Because of all the TNG combo’s we have seen on stage, we’ve never seen this natural paring together. They were absolute gold pressed latinum.

Here’s out top tweets:

Conclusion: It’s clear that LeVar and Brent are as close as Data and Geordi, the dynamic is quite different though. They’re a great combo on stage, LeVar is able to appeal the emotional and intellectual needs of Star Trek fans, whilst Brent is refreshing shallow and all ego. But in a funny Shatner way, not a new-age president way.

Highlight: Finding out that Brent Spiner was approached by Bryan Fuller early on to play Data in the new series  (now Star Trek Discovery). “He knew people who could make me digitally look like I did in the 80s. I asked can you do that for me in real life!?”

Weird bit: Probably the question to LeVar asking why he hasn’t been asked to direct on Star Trek Discovery yet. Those tears were real!