Speculation on Darkness

We’re heading Into Darkness aka London. Although its sunny for the first time ever! We are very privileged to have been invited to an advanced showing of Star Trek Into Darkness, so whilst sat on the train we discuss what we think might happen in this film. Our speculation is purely that. We have no idea what will happen in this film. Read at your own discretion 🙂

  1. John Harrison will die (and Carole will cry!)
  2. Johns Harrison’s death will be the premise for the next film
  3. Leonard Nimoy will make a suprise appearance
  4. Best quote will go to Spock
  5. Scotty will score funniest moment
  6. Someone’s life (probably Spock) will be left in peril
  7. Amongst devastation, a pregnancy is revealed (But will it be Marcus or Uhura?)
  8. We will cry at the end of this movie. (We got teary in the preview!)


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