Here comes the Darkness

We have been blown away by all the excitement and build up surrounding Star Trek Into Darkness and have been very lucky (or tortured) to have seen the first 30 minutes of the movie, but since the wave of Premieres began last week we have avoided all spoilers so we can sit back and enjoy the movie.
Tomorrow (Weds 1st) we will be put out of our misery as we will see the film in its entirety! Don’t worry, we won’t say a word. Spoilers are out there if you want to find out.
You can find us reporting on the UK release of Star Trek Into Darkness on Twitter @TrekkieGirls


Wednesday 1st afternoon/evening – Press Screening

Thursday 2nd – 10 am Press conference with all cast, JJ Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman, Lindelof and Burk

Thursday 2nd – 5pm London Premiere, Empire Leicester Square – we will be dressed up in our Starfleet finest attire with our Trekkies In Training, we do hope you’ll join us and give the cast and crew a big 23rd Century welcome.

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