Star Trek Las Vegas 2017 – you don’t want to miss….

Taking place August 2nd – 6th at the Rio All Suites Hotel Las Vegas. Check out our last article detailing the main highlights of the event.


The main talks most attendees will want to hear are the Wednesdays Star Trek Discovery panels and the TNG 30 anniversary reunion on Friday night (separate tickets needed for general admission). But there is so much more to STLV than panels.  Having seen many of the big name guests I’m thinking about going more ‘lower decks’ this year. Here’s some highlights from the jam packed schedule plus some things that aren’t on the panel.

Tuesday 1st

The action begins before the convention starts with the annual ‘Landing Party’ hosted by Larry Nemecek and Portal 47. Held in the Masquerade Bar from 21.00 it’s a great chance to mingle, catch up with friends as well as participate in trivia and games.
UPDATE: Masquerade Bar is closed. It will be nearby. Keep eye out for announcement.

Weds 2nd

DISCO DAY! Sit in the main hall and soak up everything Star Trek Discovery. Check out the exhibit and get your photo on the USS Discovery’s Captains chair.

Most looking forward to: hearing from Ted Sullivan (writer and supervising producer) and Mary Chieffo. Both have been very good at engaging with fans on twitter and are genuinely passionate about Star Trek on an emotional and intellectual level which I’m certain will transfer well onto the audience.

Chieffo’s L’Rell appears to be one of the most intreguing characters on Discovery. All we know is she is a house leader but some tweets regarding her have made us curious.

This from Executive Producer Aaron Harberts

Two references to ‘life’. Coincidence or hidden meaning? Hoping we’ll find out soon.

Also don’t miss: Q&A with Dr Mae Jemison and Nichelle Nicholls. A real life astronaut and one time guest star with the actress who helped recruit her to NASA. (10am Pavillion)

Remembering Leonard – Special STLV Convention Premiere! Leonard Nimoy, a prolific actor/director, best known for playing Spock, is remembered in this new documentary called, “Remembering Leonard Nimoy” – produced and directed by his daughter Julie and son-in- law, David Knight. “Remembering Leonard Nimoy” is an intimate journey into Leonard Nimoy’s personal life. The documentary also includes never-seen-before videos and photos in this very memorable film. (11.30 Pavillion).

Evening – Chase Masterson will be hosting happy hour at Quarks Bar so so we’ll be there as quickly as you can shout DABO!


Normally we’d recommend hitting the traders area at the very beginning and very end of the convention. This is so you can grab all those items that you know will sell out as soon as the crowds arrive, and the clean up the bargains once everyone has left. But Wednesday is looking jam-packed so shopping may have to wait until Thursday.

Deep Space Nine Confessional – Join the “What We Left Behind: DS9 Documentary” team for interactive fan sessions. Panelists: Ira Steven Behr, Adam Nimoy & David Zappone (14.30 Brasilia 7)

Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating – we’ve seen them so many times but the are always hilarious and mildly intoxicated. (2.45 Pavillion)

Inside Trek – ANOVOS. We want to know when we can buy the ‘Blue Steel’ Star Trek Discovery uniforms… and when we can expect our Star Trek Beyond dresses to arrive which we bought at last years STLV! (Brasilia 7)

Evening – Klingon Karaoke hosted by JG Hertzler and Robert O’Reilly. Free for everyone, it’s one of the the most popular events and usually sees guests joining in. Keep your camera ready and charged! (21.00 Brasilia 4-6).


Women in Star Trek: The Next Generation: A special panel event! In honor of The Next Generation’s 30th anniversary, Gates McFadden will join four women who grew up watching TNG for a conversation about women’s roles in the series. The panel will discuss their early impressions of the characters that inspired them, including Doctor Crusher, Troi, Yar and Guinan; the way we see these characters thirty years later; and the roles women occupied behind the scenes on the show. In addition to Gates McFadden, the panel will feature Jarrah Hodge (Women at Warp: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast), Dr. Kayla
Iacovino ( and Shuttle Pod podcast), Lucia Lorenzi (literary scholar and cultural critic), and Aliza Pearl (The Listener: Spectral Awakening). (10.45 Pavillion)

Experience Star Trek The Cruise – no other reason to attend this other to torture myself that I’m not going! Also to look for clues how to stowaway! (11.00 Brasilia 4 – 6).

Starfleet Academy Spelling Bee – hosted by the Official Engage Star Trek Podcast host Jordan Hoffman this fun trivia quiz will determine if you know your Trek spelling or if you’re more like Picard spelling ‘knife with an N’. (16.45 Brasilia 7)

Evening: TNG 30th Anniversary Celebration including ALL cast hosted by Terry Farrell (18.00 Pavillion)

Followed by GAAAYS IN SPAAACE – a celebration of the inclusion of an openly gay character in Star Trek! Held at FLAIR nightclub, doors open at 7 and include a number of Trek guests.

Also just heard about the FanSets launch party at Caesars. Agghh choices!


Michael Westmore presentation makeup demonstration. I’d love to see this. If I’m honest with myself, I’ll still be in bed. (09.30 Pavillion)

Inside the Writers’ Room panel with Andre Bormanis, Brannon Braga & Ron D. Moore – most questions asked to actors often would be better directed at the writer. Andre and Brandon are also writing on The Orville making this extra insightful. They will also be signing on a complimentary basis immediately following their talk. (15.30 Pavillion).

Inner Light Panel with Sir Patrick Stewart, Margot Rose & Morgan Gendel – Take a very special look at the classic episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This is going to be a great, one-time only panel! Tissues on standby! (16.30 Pavillion).

Evening – if you’ve never done the evening Gala, then go. Otherwise see you in the bar. Quick note on about the bars. The main one everyone talks about is The Masquerade Bar. It’s where most people hang and it’s worth stopping through and saying hi. Whilst it’s undoubtedly friendly, I personally am not too keen on it. Mostly because patrons are permitted to smoke. This sends me into a McCoy style rant about how primitive humans are. It also makes me sick to my stomach. I prefer the iBar which has seats, no smoking and better drinks. I say better, the drinks in the Rio are not great!


What We Left Behind Panel & Exclusive Sneak Preview – Included in this panel will be Ira Steven Behr (DS9 showrunner and creative genius), documentary producer David Zappone who has done so many great Star Trek documentaries to date, editors/producers Joseph Kornbrodt and Luke Snailham, producer and Indiegogo campaign manager Kai de Mello and director Adam Nimoy. (12.15 Pavillion)

Gary Berman and Scott Mantz – Creation’s Co-CEO, Gary Berman interviews Access Hollywood’s Movie Critic Scott Mantz, former Creation employee, on his thoughts on all things Star Trek and especially special footage involving the stars of JJ Abrams’ movies, including things never seen before. Going to this because I enjoy behind the scenes stuff and these guys know plenty! (13.30 Brasilia 7)

Rapid Fire Trek – Larry Nemecek fire out questions and prizes at warp speed in this quiz! (16.16 Brasilia 4-6)


The rat pack is great entertainment and free to everyone. There songs pay tribute and parody the convention.


Organised by the Unofficial Star Trek Las Vegas Facebook group, the pool party sounds a great way to unwind. We’ve never made it before because Vegas and Star Trek have taken all our money and we’re usually on the first plane back to London sobbing!

Enjoy the convention. If you can’t go I’ll be reporting live throughout!