STLV – Writers Panel – Brannon Braga and Andrew Bormanis

Brannon Braga (who is responsible for writing and producing most Star Trek TNG, VOY and ENT episodes we all love, plus Generations and First Contact) appeared with Andre Bormanis (science consultant and writer) for a very open and transparent discussion on writing for Star Trek. I’ll admit that I’m big fans of them personally. I love how Braga has a typical writers personality; self-depreciative and introverted despite being able to engage a large audience and clearly a very talented man.

Andre Bormanis is someone I friended on Facebook in that way you friend people on Facebook you have never met and the only interaction is the occasional ‘liking’ of posts. But from this vague connection I’ve gained an affinity towards him.

Here’s what was revealed:

Conclusion: What was refreshing about this panel was the sheer honesty. It’s the difference between an ongoing series which has a marketing campaign driving it and an analysis by people who haven’t worked on the show for eleven years. Such as the admission that the last Enterprise episode was a ‘slap in the face’ but how it had felt right at the time. It’s just writers, explaining their thought process with the benefit of reflection.

Highlight: Listening to their enthusiasm about the prospect of watching Star Trek Discovery as fans and not knowing what is going to happen.

Also, the audience loved it whenever they mentioned The Orville!

Weird bit: An audience member asked why do they come to conventions and do panels when they received so much harsh criticism. Braga sounded exactly like Shinzon when he replied “I’m lonely!”

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