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STLV – Writers Panel – Brannon Braga and Andrew Bormanis

Brannon Braga (who is responsible for writing and producing most Star Trek TNG, VOY and ENT episodes we all love, plus Generations and First Contact) appeared with Andre Bormanis (science consultant and writer) for a very open and transparent discussion on writing for Star Trek. I'll admit that I'm big fans of them personally. I love how Braga has a typical writers personality; self-depreciative and introverted despite being able to engage a large audience and clearly a very talented man. Andre Bormanis is someone I friended on Facebook in that way you friend people on Facebook you have never met and the only interaction is the occasional 'liking' of posts. But from this vague connection I've gained an affinity towards him. Here's what was revealed: https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/893967797532844032 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/893966649774063616 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/893966986954162177 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/893972251069915136 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/893975796435501057 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/893973166321582080 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/893969137013145603 Conclusion: What was refreshing about this panel was the sheer honesty. It's the difference between an ongoing series which has a marketing campaign driving it … Continue Reading ››