The Neutral Zone

The first one is Dirty, the second is good for a one night stand and the third will last you allllll night.

Being Trekkie Girls, we had no dates on Friday night so instead decided to hangout in The Neutral Zone and create the perfect Romulan Ale. We have heard of many concoctions but ironically some of the ingrediants for the official version are illegal in the UK! 
There was a difference in opinion over which one was the nicest and which one tasted most like Romulan Ale. We can’t remember what’s in the first one – probably everything…and that’s why we can’t remember! The second one is Absolut Citron (that’s Vodka, not a make of car), Grape Juice, Blue Curacao (naturally) and a splash of Cranberry Juice. This is Sams personal favourite but it is lethal!. The third one was similar but we added lemonade which made it easier to swallow and probably more ale like.
Two hours later and the kitchen was looking very Blue and sticky so we decided to move on to Tranyas, quite possibly the tastiest ST drink we know how to make! This lead to us watching The Corbomite Manoeuvre with full Star Trek drinking rules……typical Kirk getting his shirt off with 30 seconds of the episode starting!