What not to buy a Trekkie for Christmas

In previous years, we have scouted the net far and wide looking for the best gifts to help give the Star Trek fan in your life that perfect prezzie.

This year we thought we’d do things a bit differently. You see the problem with being such a well known fan of Star Trek is that it makes for easy gift giving. You can buy just about anything with the brand name stuck to it. Not to sound ungrateful but some products can range from weird to plain horrendous. So here’s a few of our favourite ‘What `the Spock, did they actually make that?’ products….

The Wrath Of Khan – Spock dying – Christmas tree decoration

When Hallmark were looking at Star Treks greatest moments to immortalise them, did they ever think ‘Spock dying on a Christmas tree might be a bit naff?’ Clearly not! You can enjoy this beautiful scene of death during the festive season too. Hey, why not have Tasha being shot by Armus of Jadzia being killed by Dukat too?

USS Enterprise Flying Disk


What is the point of this product! This more useless than a D-12 Bird of Prey being navigated by Guinan’s feelings! We suspect they want it to behave like a frisbee but even in the promotional video their best shot is them chucking an Enterprise shaped piece of plastic between them!

Enterprise cheeseboard


Newly released and obviously aimed at the desperate Christmas shoppers. It looks perfect because, well, cheese and it’s the shape of the Enterprise. But honestly, an Enterprise shaped cheeseboard!? How do people come up with this! We will admit to owning the Enterprise shaped bottle opener and the pizza cutter is clever but this!? Ok the cracker stacker is a nice touch. But Nacelle shaped cutlery!??


This isn’t meant to offend anyone who loves these products, it’s just a bit of fun. If throwing an Enterprise shaped lump of plastic floats your boat then that’s Takei by us!

As Star Trek fans go, anything Trekkie-ish is good with us!