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Portal 47 Mission Briefing 

If you follow Larry Nemecek’s Trekland Blog (and if you don’t, you can’t sit with us!) you would have heard about this mysterious Portal 47.

We’ve been curious about this like a lowly officer is curious about the Omega directive, but our wait is over. On Wednesday 9th September at 19.00 Pacific Time, 22.00 Eastern Time or 03.00 on Thursday in the UK, Mr Trekland himself will reveal all!

And you can hear for yourself via a teleconference (let’s call it subspace!) or listen online.

You can sign up for yourself to get information direct from the source. Larry informs us that he is hoping to add some European friendly times in the future so we don’t miss out (although dealing with us sleepy/drunk Brits is so much more fun!).

Larry Nemecek is immensely popular at conventions, podcasts and all over the Trek Community for his unique insider knowledge into the franchise. Portal 47 builds on this.

Lazily c+p’d from Trekland, Larry has this to say about Portal 47:

“The truth is, I’ve been blessed and gratified to have had a front-row seat in many things Trekland for years now…as all you readers and listeners so kindly tell me you enjoy. I not only enjoy that, but feel compelled to keep connecting the dots for fans, and connecting them with voices they might never have heard from! For me, it’s all about preserving and archiving as much as pundits and analysis.

But so many of the conventional streams of “content” are either slow… or not very dynamic … or ignorant of current tech capabilities … or not even a good business model for putting food on the table (mine!). PORTAL 47 may yet evolve and get tweaked past what we launch with, but that idea of a new kind of “deep dive” into insider insight … is exactly what I’m been trying to put together for several years now.”

How is he going to do this? Well that’s what we’re looking forward to hearing in this preview call at 3am! There’s also promise of a surprise guest! Eek! WE MUST KNOW WHO IT IS!!

Red Shirt Diaries

Unless you have been condemned to Talos for the past week you will have heard that The Red Shirt Diaries Season 2 is about to drop on the Trekkie Community.

And here is where we must confess our dirty secret. We haven’t seen season one yet! Because we always intend too, we haven’t quite got round to doing it. But we don’t want to get left behind. All our podcaster/ blogger friends like it and have interviewed Ashley Robinson (writer, producer and actress) who stars in the web series. 

But that’s about to change. Tonight at 9pm UK time we will sit down and watch them. If you also haven’t had the chance to watch it, or you want to refresh yourself before season 2 starts, join us tonight on Twitter at 9pm.

In brief, the Red Shirt Diaries follows Ensign Williams on the first 10 episodes of the original series will she make it alive! (Spoiler alert, as season two is coming out next week, we expect so!).

Simon Pegg and Memory Alpha

Having stumbled across this snippet on Treknews of an interview with Simon Pegg with the New York Daily News, we are pleased to learn that Simon Pegg has been referring to Memory Alpha whilst writing for Star Trek: Beyond.

We’re hoping this means lots of hidden Easter eggs, crossovers and blantent references in our belovered Star Trek universe. 

We know that Pegg is a self confessed fan, so why do we love that he is browsing our favourite Trek site? For Borg level perfection, obviously! We like our references to be tidy and laser scalpel sharp. 

It’s also a good indication that he respects the franchise and us nit-picky fans, that he wants to deliver it well. Either that or he went to google a spelling (maybe Qo’noS!? – ouch!) and then got stuck in the most horrendous wiki-loop ever. 

Btw, does anyone else play this game on Memory Alpha? Pick two random and seemingly unconnected aspects of Star Trek and try to link to them in as few moves as possible. So Star Trek on the page Qo’noS and get to Tricorder clicking only hyperlinks within each entries. How many pages does it take you?

Picard’s Chair on eBay

Our friends at the New Starship Foundation are eBaying the Captain Picard chair from their Bridge that they salvaged from the 1998 Star Trek Tour. 
If us Trekkies have ever got so close to owning THE Picard’s chair, THIS IS IT!!

Seeing as we could barely afford the shipping cost, we wish you other bidders success but secretly hope someone near us wins so we can be friends with you and you’ll invite us around to play any time!

Here are the details:

100% of the proceeds go to the educational nonprofit New Starship Foundation
This Star Trek The Next Generation Captain’s Chair was originally made by Paramount Studios created
for a Star Trek Tour in 1998, then the chair sat outside for over 5 years, left to rot. The wood, fabric and
materials was replaced and the chair was completely restored by The New Starship Foundation, a group
dedicated to restoring the complete Enterprise D Bridge set, which they rescued in 2012.
The arms light up with LCARS graphics and Plexiglas, it sits on a metal base with wooden stand and
5×10 foot carpet. It weighs roughly 240 lbs and is 35″ wide x 38″deep x 57″ tall
This restored Captain’s Chair has been sat in by the original set designer Herman Zimmerman who
commented “It looks better than it did on the set” as well as sat in by 1000’s of people from Houston to
Vegas to San Diego Comic Con, including Star Trek actors Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, 
Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Robert Picardo and Firefly’s Jewel Staite, Buck Roger’s 
Gil Gerard, Battlestar Galactica’s Richard Hatch, Weird Al Yankovic, Bruce Campbell and creator
of Marvel ComicsStan Lee!
We’ve learned a lot about the chair and realized certain corrections in the materials and sizes. Though it’s
98% correct, there are tiny things that it’s easier if we begin from scratch using the designs and creating a
NEW chair for our Bridge. Your donation will help us create a new Captain’s Chair suitable for
Sir Patrick Stewart to sit in.
Buyer pays actual shipping cost, which depends on location.
New Starship Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 educational foundation which is restoring the full
Enterprise-D Bridge. Board members include the original designers, producers and writers behind
Star Trek including Ronald D. Moore, David Gerrold, Andrew Probert, Doug Drexler, Rick Sternbach
and Larry Nemecek. More can be found on their website

Win a lunch with LeVar!

**Note: this contest is for US residents only**

Imagine you’re having lunch with LeVar Burton, what do you talk about? Keep it sophisticated and talk about literacy? Or geek out and ask how he developed the Geordi barrel roll?
Think quickly because if you are a US resident and sign up for a free We Care account, you may find yourself in that situation. is in partnership with the AIDS Research Alliance. When you sign up and shop through their website, a contribution is made towards AIDS research. To promote this worthy cause, LeVar Burton will have lunch with one lucky person who signs up. What a great guy! 

The contest is open until the 9th January. Good luck everyone and if you happen to win, please say ‘Hi’ from the Trekkie Girls and ask him something real classy … but all we can think about is holodecks right now! And don’t forget to wear this VISOR ring we mentioned in our previous post too!

Top Trekkie Xmas Presents

What do you buy the Trekkie who has everything? We assume that most fans have the basics, the DVDs (in various formats and editions), the books, the T-Shirts – even the rubbish ones but its sacrilege to throw away anything that bears the word Star and Trek.

So we look to the great material continuum to provide. Here is what we have found:

Forget Diamonds, A VISOR is a girls best friend! Not sure whether the creator went out to design a ring that looked like Geordi’s eye wear or if it was a happy accident but it is certainly unique!
We love this item but only buy this for your most dedicated Trekkie Girl or your love life might start to resemble Geordi’s too. 

Eyephoriadesign via Etsy. £43.73

The ‘Spork’ is sooo 2380, this year it’s all about getting more literal with your fork. 
Not sure whether this is logical or practical but it looks like it has been spat out of a malfunctioning replicator along with sausages dipped in tea. That’s why we want it!
Buy from SilverBellesCrafts on Etsy. £9.37 

Practical and useful! This is a messenger bag meant for 10 inch tablet but use it for anything! Great for cons, and storing smallish items such as photo’s and autographs. Also comes in blue but the yellow stands out so well. It’s also an officially licensed product so laa-dee-da!

We try to keep up with fashion and style but this is compromised when you are as geeky as us! But we believe that Letterman Jackets are fashionable at the moment? But like the wormhole aliens we are not confined to what is now so we say wear this with pride!! 

Buying someone art is a bit tricky, because it’s very personal what you choose to display on the walls of your house. But you don’t care about that, you just need to buy them a present! The retro TOS prints are safe and classy choice. Star Trek Shop UK £15.99

On the other side of the spectrum are these fantastic prints which are great but you probably won’t want to stick on your living room wall. Still, it will be funny to see how they react:  SciFi Fine Art via Etsy £24.99

Anovos – affordable costumes

Anovos, the premium Star Trek and Battlestar costuming gurus, have just sent out this email announcing their new Standard line of costumes. Designed to be comfortable and accurate, most importantly they have used the word ‘affordable’. This is great news for those of us who want the look but not the credit card debt!

As we have gone all routes, from having costumes made, buying from the cosplay eBay stores and the superb premium line at Anovos, we are really hoping this is the happy medium us fans have been waiting for.

A Subreddit full of Wheatons

Ever wondered what Wesley Crusher got up too after he ran off with the Traveller? Maybe he used his powers to manipulate space and time to become various crew members from each series?
Sure beats staying in his room with that voice recorder he made once.

 Check out some of these incredible photoshopped imaginings coming out of the Treknobabble Subreddit. Made by deadfraggle who made the TOS/TNG cross over pics that spread over the web like a secret whispered at Quarks.

This is our favourite, downloaded it to to full resolution for our own stash.
P.S. Sam’s Wil Wheaton stash, whilst remarkable, still pales in comparison to Carole’s Cumberbatch file which would fill a dysonsphere.