Star Trek The Video Game – Hands On

On Tuesday night we were very excited to have been invited to an exclusive presentation and hands-on play with Star Trek: The Video game, due to be released on 23rd April. Mere weeks before the release of Star Trek into Darkness.
The presentation was held at the Science Museum in London hosted by Paramount Pictures, Bandai Namco Games and Premier Comms was certainly the poshest Trek event we have ever been too, we felt like daughters of the Fifth House (and we have a vacancy for a Holm to carry our equipment to these events!)
The Trekkie Girls are greeted by a Trekkie Girl
The room was decked out with plenty of consoles so we could try PC, XBox and PS3. The Star Trek movie theme tune bellowed out all night, you would be forgiven for thinking you were in 10 Forward, out of hours, during the … Continue Reading ››

Kirk beams down to the Academy..awards

How we regret not watching the Oscars this morning! Our Twitter and Facebook feed is full of clever Oscar/Kirk comments but the real hero of the night has to be Seth Macfarlane. He is an inspiration to all Trekkies demonstrating that no matter what you do, make sure you include some Trek goodness. Here is Seth's opening staring William Shatner as Captain Kirk.  kirkmacfarlene We think we hear a sneaky Qapla' after one of Seth's number. What do you think?...Seth? us? Marry us both like Mormons Bolians. William Shatner looked fab in his TWOK maroons which we suspect might be Anovos? He may have been sat in Kirks seat but he was definitely playing the strait-faced, in-your-face Shatner persona we love. Maybe with a bit of family guys Brian mixed in!? Also at the Oscars were the other Captain Kirk, the deliciously handsome Chris Pine looking … Continue Reading ››

Star Trek Game Cinema Giveaway

Game UK are giving away complimentary cinema tickets to Star Trek into Darkness when you pre-order Star Trek - The Video Game.

In conjunction with Paramount Pictures and game developer Namco Bandai, the giveaway is supported on any format of the game and allows one full priced adult to see the the movie we're all waiting for at a Cineworld cinema nation wide.

Consider how often we will probably see this film, and how expensive cinema tickets are, we ask ourselves, What would Quark do!?

For more details see this press release via Namco Bandai

We'll have more to say about Star Trek The Video Game next week so keep an eye out. We'll be trying it for ourselves and letting you know all about it.


Star Trek Into Darkness ‘Poster’

The funniest thing happened this morning. We saw two women running out of Tesco clutching a life size cut out of Daniel Craig. Can't say we blame them, had it been any of the Star Trek cast we may have done the same (we like to think we're badass but in truth, we would have asked permission to have the cut out once they were finished with it - we're sooo Starfleet). 

So it was with great excitement to find this afternoon that Paramount have released a new poster and an animated one at that. This is free and we can all have one each! Yay!
This features a superb landscape shot of London, lending even more credence to our campaign for London to host the world premiere. 
John Harrison sounds super creepy and a bit angry when he states that 'he has … Continue Reading ››

Countdown to Darkness Review

In our previous entry we reviewed the exclusive variant cover for Countdown to Darkness - The Enterprise Edition. We wanted to keep the review of the limited edition cover and the content of the comic separate so you can avoid the spoilers if you wish to.  We must say a big thank you to UK Conventions Limited for providing two copies of the Enterprise Edition for our competition and are pleased to announce that Vincent Ian Peter Kent and Graham Adams are our winners and shall be receiving a copy each. You can buy your own copy via the Enterprise Edition website. Admiral, there be Spoilers here: I must admit, I'm was a bit nervous about reading a prequel comic. I didn't read the Countdown comics in the run up to the '09 movie choosing to wait until after. When I did it … Continue Reading ››

Enterprise Edition: Countdown To Darkness Giveaway

This week we have a treat for you Trekkie Girls and Boys. UK Conventions Limited have kindly given us two limited Enterprise Editions of the first Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness comics to giveaway.
"She's a big ship" "Not half as big as her Captains reputation on Risa"
Limited to 1,701 copies (naturally), UK Conventions have released a special officially licensed  'Enterprise Edition' of the comic that features a unique cover illustrated by Stephen Molnar and a certificate of authenticity.
To enter the free draw to win your own Enterprise Edition of Countdown to Darkness, Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook and re-tweet or share this link (copying or tagging @TrekkieGirls). You will be automatically be entered. UK entries only. Winner will be … Continue Reading ››