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Fan Debates

We were lucky enough to be on the panel for the first fan debate to vote for Destination Star Trek Londons Favourite Movie.
Alongside Marc and Michael from Trek Mate and Raules the Trekologist we were amazed to find a packed out hall! Stage B was full of fans ready to share their opinions on what they feel makes a good Trek Movie. At first we thought it would be an easy battle between Wrath of Khan and First Contact, but what was insightful was how much appreciation fans have for each of the movies, even the odd numbered ones! Some even declared their love for Star Trek 5 but we think that was William Shatner. Speaking of the Captain, we gave a collective shout of KHAAAAAAN that we hope he heard from his signing booth. Could someone ask if he heard us please and let us … Continue Reading ››

Interviews at Destination Star Trek London

We were very lucky to get to interview some of the guests before the official opening. The press pit was crazier than Klingon with Vulcan blood fever but we survived it!
William Shatner was delighted to be at a convention in London, he loves meeting up with his fellow Captains and is good friends with Patrick Stewart. We'd love to listen in on that dinner conversation.
Interviewing Mr Shatner was an incredible opportunity and thanks to media 10 for making this happen.
Anthony Montgomery and Connery Trinneer were very chatty. They were amazed by the support that Trek fans continue to … Continue Reading ››

We have arrived!

[youtube=] We have finally beamed in to Destination Star Trek London, we are currently sat in our comfy bloggers lounge, the 24th century is literally being built around us. Like Picard in ST Nemesis sat in his office whilst the Enterprise is being restored behind him. In fact, it's just like that they are literally building the bridge of the Enterprise bridge! Things to look out for: Klingon Bar..... WOW! We are never leaving! Watch out if you are wearing flammable attire (all of us) and sneaking in tribbles isn't funny. Federation Chill out zone - very modern, sleek and happy - just like the federation! Museum - lots of to see We are currently in the press pit watching the guest arrivals and we were very lucky to interview William Shatner amongst many other Trek Stars Stay tuned for photos, interviews and more.....

DSTL Weekend Highlights

Hopefully you have soaked in all of our wisdom from our  'How To Survive a Star Trek Convention' series and now you are almost ready to attend the real deal.
Whether this is your first or forty seventh convention, you still need to plan your days and we hope this will help you.
The Timetable has been released and there is something for everyone. We wish we had clones of ourselves so we could do it all. But for us single bodied lifeforms, we have to choose. 
Here is a little guide of what we think are going to be the unmissable events:
TIP: Follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our homepage for updates. We'll be at Excel early in the morning so will inform you of queue times (Sounds … Continue Reading ››


Our new website is finally active We hope you like our new home. Put your feet up and have some tea, earl grey, hot. Whilst we are at Destination Star Trek London on the 19th - 21st October, this blog will go LIVE and feed directly into  with interactive features such as;
  • Polls
  • Photo sharing
  • Video feed
  • Games with prizes!
We’ll provide all the news and gossip, trying to blag interviews with our favourite actors and actresses but mostly having a whole load of fun. Stay tuned for more updates including our latest episode of Trekkie Girls where we give our advice on finding that Special Trekkie in your life. Horghans on Standy!  

Con Crazy!

Here at Trekkie Girls HQ we have been busier than the Borg collective, preparing for Destination Star Trek London that is hurtling towards us at lightspeed. As we mentioned earlier we were privileged to be asked if we would blog live from the event.  We spoke to one of the organisers yesterday and they confirmed the rumour that over 12,000 tickets have been sold!!  Thats 12,000 + Trekkies! Our people, all in one place! If that isn't overwhelming enough, all 20 VIP tickets have been sold! We reckon the Grand Nagus organising this event is throwing his/her latinum in the air. We have it on good authority that the show guide with the timetables will be realised really soon and merchandise will be available on before the event. We are feeling pretty broke having spent all our pennies on … Continue Reading ››

Trekkie Girls ep 23 & 24 – Still Surviving Conventions and Supplementary

This week is the 1st anniversary of Trekkie Girls!  We had so much to say we had to make two episodes to share with you; Our forth instalment from the 'How to survive a Star Trek Convention'. Announcements on our new website, our excitement to hear that Brent Spiner is coming to London! And that we are honoured to be official bloggers at Destination Star Trek London this October. So come along and see us and our friends at Trek Mate and Trek News and Views!

Is DSTL ready?

Remember earlier this year, trekkies across the land and far away got very excited when this webpage appeared overnight.... We got speculating right away with some rather grandiose ideas. Over time Destination Star Trek London (as it is now known) has slowly teased us with news on what is bound to be the most epic convention the Star Trek franchise has ever seen. But we haven't forgotten how much the organisers have enjoyed teasing us, drip-feeding us information whilst keeping us hungry for more. Troi says turnaround is fair play......

Guest Wish List DSTL

We wanted to bring you a post ahead of tomorrows Destination Star Trek London's guest announcements. (very excited about the competitions and announcements!)  The cast, the actors who play the characters are the focal point at conventions. The most memorable events we have been to, were organised with as much exposure to the stars as possible. On a Starship, the bridge crew wouldn't get anything done if it weren't for the redshirts, the dilithium miners and ships counsellor. That example doesn't quite parallel Star Trek in terms of Actors v Production crew as we wouldn't want to devalue their role. Lets say that the production crew are like the Admirals and Academy teachers. They set the mission and often get accused of being baddies! The writers, producers and know-it-alls are often bypassed at conventions yet they can bring so much.  Fans want to see the … Continue Reading ››