Fedcon Day 2 overview Pt1



The Trekkie Girls are at Fedcon for a second day, attending talks, visiting dealer stands and getting merry with fellow trekkies!

See our first impressions here 

LeVar Burton

Normally at events we’re screaming at the alarm clock at 6 am but Fedcon is chill! After a nice lay in we head to the LeVar Burton talk. All Trekkie have one thing on their mind at the moment – Star Trek Discovery and a lot of questions relate to it. LeVar was very open to working on the series.

After listening to LeVar speak for a while he seemed to remind us more and more of Geordi La Forge. He has that same calming sensitivity, intellect and optimism. So Sam decided to ask him he felt he had the closest personality to his character out of all the TNG cast. LeVar agreed although also felt Patrick Stewart was close with Picard and quipped “Patrick could be grumpy like Picard!”

An audience member asked LeVar how he felt about race and casting, e.g. Acting in roles where the character is a difference ethnic origin or in cosplay. LeVar gave a very Star Trek answer; “It just depends” and there could be “no absolutes” (reminded us of Picards speech from TNG Justice. He cited examples in his past where he had a white stuntman despite there being plenty of qualified stuntmen who look like LeVar. But when it comes to cosplay, he knows most people are trying to emulate their favourite characters and their intentions are good natured.

When asked what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a guest at these conventions, LeVar responded that he’d be sat our side of the audience watching. (He is one of us!)

After LeVar’s talk there was a gap in the schedule so we decided to head back to our own hotel and sample the roof bar. With the backdrop of the United Nations building we felt we were in Starfleet.

We stumbled back to Fedcon and were grateful for the back to back panels which allowed us to rest after drinking too much! We normally stick to Star Trek orientated guests and talks (being the Trekkie Girls!) but we couldn’t resist the Matt Smith Panel. Matt was thoughtful, funny and humble. We’re glad we sat in.

John de Lancie

The John de Lancie talk was originally scheduled in the secondary hall but when organisers saw how overcrowded and popular it was they swapped it for the main hall. Command level thinking there!

Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn’s panel began by him clarifying his non-involvement with Star Trek Discovery. A while ago a source reporting from another event misquoted him as guest starring. Dorn was quick to clarify but the fact that he opened his talk by discussing it gave us the impression he wanted to make sure no one minced his words! We were extra careful typing the tweet!