Fedcon Day 2 Overview – Pt2

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Highlights from Day 2 continued.

Colm Meaney

Colm was the final guest to take to the stage on day 2 of Fedcon. Here are our top highlights from his talk:

Colm Meaney Fedcon

The highlight of Colm’s talk (possibly weekend) was when he sang Minstrel Boy from TNG The Wounded:

The Evening

There aren’t themed parties as such at Fedcon like there are at Star Trek Las Vegas or Destination Star Trek but that’s because it’s one long party! They have a pop up ‘Romulan pub’ bar. A dancefloor and a DJ adjacent to the Klingon Bar (our favourite). Don’t worry, the dance floor served as a neutral zone between the respective Klingon and Romulan Bars!

When the panels finished we felt it was a good time to sample the local Romulan Ale. All conventions have their own style and we’re sure shares in Blue Curaçao rise whenever thousands of Trekkies gather.

Maybe it was too ‘done’ but Fedcon didn’t have it’s own Romulan Ale. Instead fans were requesting their own variants to be specially made.

Another blessing was the food and drink vendors in the outdoors area. Never too busy, they served a portion of chips and probably other food too. But after a few beverages, us Brits only need a portion of chips!

Overall, a very enjoyable evening. Marina Sirtis was on the dance floor, there was a conga line, we met new friends and caught up with old ones.