My First Star Trek Convention: Day One of DST3

When we arrived at the ExCel and picked up our passes, we were allowed to enter the arena before the general public, to attend the Press Call. I was quite taken aback by the sheer magnitude of the event and the variety of exhibits on show. I don’t know what I had been expecting, but I was truly in awe, especially when I thought how many Trekkies would file through it over the next three days.

Jordan Hoffman did an amazing job of introducing the guests at the Press Call and I had my first real ‘TiT’ moment when for the life of me, I couldn’t recognise this one guy in glasses, only to gasp when he spoke: “IT’S NELIX!?” 

Off we went to check out the official ‘Bloggers Lounge’, where we met the lovely Simon, Phil and Jamie from The Engage Podcast, and the uber friendly Mike and Roz from Visionary Trek. We accosted Jordan when he wandered by, so that we could introduce ourselves, before dashing to our hotel to check-in and get changed in to our first costume of the weekend – red shirts!

(Photo courtesy of Ben Pruchnie)

The dreaded hour of 16.30 was soon upon us and it was time for the Trekkie Girls to host the cadet level quiz. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous in my life, but after a lovely shout-out from Jordan (thank you!), the nerves subsided and I had the most amazing time! I think Carole, Teressa and I complimented each other on stage quite well? The questions (written by the incredibly talented Carole) seemed to be written well for the target audience (not too easy, not too hard) and thankfully there were no tomato peltings to be seen! (Despite the controversial “Why did Wesley Crusher leave the Enterprise” question – seriously, a couple almost got divorced over that one!) Phew!! BIG sigh of relief and so the fun could really begin…

 Light refreshment in hand, we slipped quietly into the Enterprise C stage audience for The Engage Podcast’s ‘BORG: Villain or Victim’ panel (which was great BTW – well done guys!). I almost embarrassed myself by waving, which compere Neil Green mistook as me having some actual input in to the discussion! I managed to pull it out of the bag though when I answered “loss of identity” to the question “what’s the worst thing about assimilation?” Good job TiT?! At this time we also met Jake from Star Trek Risa – who was one of the first people to “follow” and contact me on Twitter!
The opening ceremony hosted by Jonathan Ross was amazing, despite him seeming to have dropped his cue-cards before coming on stage and bringing the actors on in the most peculiar order – plain for even a TiT to see?!
 (This was my most favourited and RTd tweet of DST3!)
And so to the Risa party!!! Having got glammed up in our beach wear, we rolled in to Fox’s bar which had been transformed in to a Hawaiian paradise for the evening. The only thing missing were cocktails served in coconuts shells?! Not that we needed them! The Trekkie Girls and The Engage Podcast guys tore up the dancefloor, as the incredible Enterprise Blues Bandwowed us with their stage prowess and crowd surfing skills! (Well, maybe just Steve Rankin on the latter? Who also got down on the dancefloor with everyone a bit later on!)


Also that night, we met the wonderful Larry Nemecek, who Trekkie Girl Sam has actually known online for about 17 years (longer than she’s known her husband!!), although until this weekend they had never actually met. Larry was to become a firm fixture in the amazingness that was my DST3 experience. But sadly we had to retire at only(?!) about 1 o’clock, the Trekkie Girls had an early start the next day: 07.30 in make-up…

Tomorrow… Day Two of DST3: who said it’s not that easy being green?