TNG on Syfy in HD

Forget bonfire night and cancel the community fireworks display because tonight at 7pm Syfy channel is boldly going over season one of Next Gen in HD!

We got the Taste of Blu ray disk back in January and it tasted good! But neglectful friends and relatives ignored our requests for season one in Blu ray for our birthdays. Therefor we are mighty glad it is now on TV. In someways, it is better. If we had the box set, we would have watched them all in a couple of sittings. Probably whilst doing something mundane like ironing. Having TNG as a weekly treat will allow us to look forward and savor it. 
Picard: We warned you not to laugh when Worf orders Prune Juice
Data: Now run

What is so great, is how TNG is back in the hotlight (there are FOUR…). When CBS Action relaunched Trek on their channel they hyped us up with billboards of Trekkies doing their trekkie and their RL thang.
Syfy have also been building up to the TNG HD launch with advertised teasers and today we see on Twitter they have beamed down TNG era Starfleet officers into London, Birmingham and Manchester!

By Rikers beard we hope there is a man in a Skant out there somewhere!

If you spot any Characters, make sure you tweet @SyfyUK for a chance to win  a limited addition poster.

We’ll also be tweeting during the episode (mostly during the ads because we want to watch Star Trek!).

See our review on the sample episodes transformed to Blu ray.

Read Syfy T’s&C’s that we haven’t read because we live to far away to ever have a hope of spotting them.