T’Pol the most emotional character?

I do like T’Pol and I instantly loved Jolene Blalock when I first heard her at a convention but what was with T’Pol!?

Honestly, she could make Counsellor Troi look like an emotionless Android. I know they have deep strong emotions but she would get teary eyed over the smallest thing.

I quite like the banter you can get with Vulcans, it verges on teasing but its great when they break character a little. Like when Neelix tries to get a little smile out of Tuvok or Bones gets rattled with Spock. But if I were T’Pols friend I would tread on egg shells around her.

 I think somewhere down the line she must have a bit of Klingon in her. (Ohhh my!)

However, she did know how to dress, I thought she had good taste. Its another way she breaks from tradition. Every Vulcan we have seen outside of Starfleet likes to wear big baggy robes. The Bigger the Better! Floor length, padded shoulders, double wrapped, but no, not our dear T’Pol. She was a fashion leader and set the number one trend of the future. – The leotard!

We Salute you T’Pol!