Discovery, Power Struggles and Romulans?

Star Trek Discovery’s ninth episode “Into The Forest I Go” has left a plethora of untied threads for us fans whom, lets face it, are more accustomed to a cliffhanger revolving around whether a main character  gets their requested pay rise  dies at the end.

We also haven’t had any ‘mid season’ breaks either. For better or worse they give us a chance to reflect and do our favourite thing….SPECULATE!

So what big change do we predict/want to see in the next half? I’ll let Carole and Sarah speak for themselves but my (Sam’s) reaction after watching episode nine was ROMULANS!

Here’s my logic and it’s about to get Political so watch out snowflakes!

Cloaking Devices

First, there’s the issue of Cloaking Devices. We know in The Original Series, Kor’s ship was the first Klingon vessel to be fitted with a device and it was assumed to be from a peaceful period between Klingons and Romulans.  The Romulans had D7 battle cruisers and Klingons then got cloaking devices.

We know that Romulans are constantly trying to break up the Federation from would-be allies.

War doesn’t end well for the Romulans, they get their arses kicked each time. So why fight when you can influence your enemy from within and watch them destroy themselves?

Why Romulans?

Look what’s happening in the major powers in the Alpha/Beta Quadrants.

The Klingons have a American Politics vibe to them at the moment. T’Kuvma started it with the “Remain Klingon” campaign. He may as well have said “make Qo’noS great again”. This unilateral behaviour tends to allow those with more extreme  beliefs to speak up. Enter Kol who believes in the supremacy of the Klingon race.

“I’m the best at wearing gold”

It would be in the Russians Romulans interest to keep the Klingons preoccupied with their own internal house division.  Who cares if the Romulans annexe small worlds near Federation space when you only care which noble house will take power this week?

The European Union Federation of Planets has kept the peace for a hundred years.  The Romulan Empire are still picking themselves up from the last war. Instead of fighting, they plough resources into a movement to break the union. If a major founding member of the Federation were to leave….like Vulcan? The region would be destabilised and there simply wouldn’t be the resources or political will to stop the Romulan Empire expanding.

Side Theory: It could be that the Romulan’s from the 24th Century are still pissed that the Federation and Spock didn’t save Romulas and then killed the remaining Romulans that travelled back in time to exact revenge.


Enter Admiral Terral. He had BAdmiral written all over him. And you know what else? ROMULAN!




Spock has long been considered the first Vulcan in Starfleet, which I don’t feel too sanctimonious about due to T’Pol and the general vagueness regarding it. However this development  would allow for that to still be true.

“Spock was the first Vulcan to enlist in the Federation Starfleet, serving aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike as a lieutenant, and later for James T. Kirk.”

But let’s consider this further. Admiral Terral could be collaborating with the Klingon’s or he could be more sinister and is manipulating all parties. I don’t think it was any coincidence that Terral sent Sarek to visit the Klingons – Sarek being the ultimate peacekeeper and bridge between Vulcan and Humans.

Side Theory: This guy is bald!….Like JJ-verse Romulan bald!


I believe in the second half of the season L’Rell will expose Terral. She knows machiavellian tactics and will figure him out. I also want to believe that she is secretly working for a solution that will benefit her people. She knows Klingons won’t benefit from war with the Federation or living under Romulan influence.

I don’t think Kol did any devious dealings, he is straight up motivated by his own houses’ glory.

But what’s even better for Romulans than two neighbouring powers with internal power struggles? Two neighbouring powers at war with themselves and each other.

I suspect the Romulans gave the Klingons technology to help proliferate their own internal conflicts and provoke the Federation.

So that’s my theory? I’m constantly always wrong about these. Come back soon and read our probably incorrect theories on Where Is Discovery Now?

What do you think?