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Discovery, Power Struggles and Romulans?

Star Trek Discovery's ninth episode "Into The Forest I Go" has left a plethora of untied threads for us fans whom, lets face it, are more accustomed to a cliffhanger revolving around whether a main character  gets their requested pay rise  dies at the end. We also haven't had any 'mid season' breaks either. For better or worse they give us a chance to reflect and do our favourite thing....SPECULATE! So what big change do we predict/want to see in the next half? I'll let Carole and Sarah speak for themselves but my (Sam's) reaction after watching episode nine was ROMULANS! Here's my logic and it's about to get Political so watch out snowflakes!
Cloaking Devices
First, there's the issue of Cloaking Devices. We know in The Original Series, Kor's ship was the first Klingon vessel to be fitted with a device and it was assumed to be from a peaceful … Continue Reading ››

Star Trek Discovery Panels at Star Trek Las Vegas. Pt1

On the opening day there are four...yes there are FOUR panels dedicated to Star Trek Discovery this Wednesday at Creation Entertainments Star Trek Las Vegas... the first was the highly anticipated Star Trek Writers Room panel with Ted Sullivan, Kirsten Beyer and Akiva Goldsman. If you don't follow Ted on twitter already, you must. Not only Ted is a writer and supervising producer on Discovery he is a massive super fan of Star Trek. I was lucky enough to meet him and his companion #JasonGorn and exchanged a brief chat about Star Trek and it's like talking to any other fan at a convention that you've never met before but you share a common love of a show called Star Trek. https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892840864430600192
Inside the Star Trek Discovery Writers Room
Here are our tweets summarising the panel. https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892864015126347776 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892864989777731584 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892865238168502272 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892866055957233664 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892866248479875072 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892866735291879425 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892867169955921920 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892867673284943876 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892867947806433280 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892869307734016002 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892869342999724032 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892870266480611328 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892870308666908673 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892870970934910977 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892871559664226304 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892871980977803264 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892873041700573184 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892873235447947264 https://twitter.com/TrekkieGirls/status/892875351629508608 Conclusion: These are people who understand the very essence of Star Trek,they ARE the essence of Star Trek. I came away … Continue Reading ››