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UK Star Trek Bloggers Chat – Thursday 6th April

Tomorrow you can watch us live on a UK Trekkie Bloggers conflab thing! Join us at 20:00 GMT to watch this subspace show! Watch Now: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZlpqn7TPLA&w=560&h=315] Set up by our mate Dan from The Trekkies Guide To The Galaxy we'll be joining him, B Jones from SFB Events (The Trekologist), James Dillon - the illustrious Captain of the USS Riker's Beard and  Liam Dillon - From the exemplary Facebook Star Trek Costuming group. We'll be discussing a range of issues surrounding Star Trek and giving our opinions! As a special treat, Dan is giving away two signed pictures of Vaughn Armstrong to the person who asks the best question! (Hoping it will be us!) 17634733_753825694786712_2639299678811980362_n With such exciting news about Star Trek Discovery just announced we can't wait to have a conflab with fellow Trekkies to delve into the nitty gritty speculation

SF Ball Southampton -New Lineup

With just under two weeks to go until the hotly anticipated SF Ball at the Grand Harbour hotel Southampton, some changes have been made to the lineup. We were starting to get slightly optimistic that Jonathan Frakes might actually attend but it wasn't to be. Instead the hilarious and gorgeous Dominic Keating and Conner Trinneer from Star Trek Enterprise have stepped up to add to this Trektastic lineup that also includes Casey Biggs and Vaughn Armstrong. 12592417_1092267050837550_2915522661311239442_n.jpg Casey Biggs has spoken to organisers at SFB towers and said;
“We are very excited to be able to attend and perform for everyone at the Ball this year. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is still so strong in the minds of Star Trek fans that it's always rewarding to be able to meet and chat about the magical world of Star Trek.”
Casey Biggs will be attending the entire … Continue Reading ››

SF Ball 21

On Saturday we packed up ready for the SF Ball in it's new home at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton. Carole had to work so I took Sarah, our Trekkie In Training, along. Because of new baby, we couldn't stay along as we wanted (like, all weekend!) so this review isn't as thorough as we'd like however we wanted to make an effort and see what we could of the Ball after hearing so much praise. We have been to all sorts of conventions, some are massive signing events, some are like a small gathering of friends, others are like drunken nights at Quarks. From what we saw of the SF Ball, it is a mixture of everything. The venue worked very well. If we're completely honest, the previous venue had put us off on previous years. We love hotel events, they foster a sense of community. It's like being on a school trip with … Continue Reading ››

SF Ball coming to Southampton

This year we are very excited to make our first trip to the famous SF Ball 6th - 8th Feb. We have heard so many exciting things about this event, from the cabaret, to the interaction with guests, not to mention those con dances! It's a travesty on our part that we haven't made until now. Ball21Flier Alas, with a little one and work commitments we are only able to attend for the Saturday but we can't wait to soak up that Trek Atmosphere. Plus, hailing from Portsmouth, it's now in our back yard, Southampton. The Shelbyville to our Springfield. We had the privilege to talk to SFB events organiser B who kindly took the time to talk to us. Her passion and enthusiasm for the event is simply infectious. We could tell immediately that this is an event created with love. Being Trekkies, we were keen to hear how this … Continue Reading ››