Sulu Trumps Obama

So Donald Trump is going to give an announcement tomorrow that's going to blow a hole in Obama's re-election campaign. Anyone else reminded of that time Commander Tomolok threated to beat up Captain Picard after school tomorrow to display the Enterprise's broken hull in the Capital city of Romulas? 
The Trekkie Girls have a bit of political experience and understand that one way Obama could diffuse the situation is to take the sting out of the story, by announcing it (whatever it is) first. We suggest this option because we know he doesn't have a couple of cloaked Klingon Bird of Preys hiding behind the Whitehouse.
To help we have hired an expert team of Betazoids, Vulcans and Ocampa to read the President and Trumps mind so we can give you the scoop first.
As you know, one of the key questions in the Presidential debates has gone unanswered;

DSTL: All Good Things

Q once said 'All good things must come to an end'. Sat here at Trekkie Girls HQ (a 1990's identi-kit house with mock tudor cladding) we feel far removed from our trekkie bubble and Star Trek themed sets/props that we have been living in this weekend (ok MDF, glass buttons and glue).
We had a blast sharing our experience with you and interacting with the fans. We got to play amongst some of the big boys such as Star Trek Magazine and Syfy who were also reporting the event and doing a sterling professional job doing so. It felt like we were cadets racing our type 15 shuttlepod alongside the prometheus. So we are grateful to everyone who checked our feed.
Over the next few days we'll be updating our site with little joys that we remember from the weekend but in the meantime we … Continue Reading ››

Bonjour Mon Capitaine

It doesn't matter how many times we see Patrick Stewart, he always delivers something fresh, new and interesting. This is true of the questions fans ask him, most were orientated towards his overall career and interests rather than focusing on just his time in Star Trek.
When asked about his opinion on a possible TNG Prequel he responded that it simply couldn't work because of Data, he was never a boy!
But it's only impossible until its not eh?
Patrick spoke about the comparison between working on Shakespearian plays and Star Trek and they were remarkably similar, strange language, funny costumes with tights, a stage with side exits and a throne. We hasten to add randy men with beards.
Marc Alaimo said something similar in one of … Continue Reading ››

World Records and TNG Party

Last Night the Cast of DS9 and Enterprise very kindly threw TNG an anniversary party. Avery Brooks sang and played the piano. There were a lot more people attending than on Friday nights Klingon Monster Ball and much more of a celebratory feel. Audiences sat mesmerised at his music. We're not entirely sure what genre it falls under but we like it.
We attribute a big part of the celebratory atmosphere down to the fans who were in a massive high from breaking the world record attempt of most Star Trek characters in one place. Not only that, but we are also the largest Trek event in history EVER! Ha!
Everyone loved the foam Spock hands but we … Continue Reading ››

There be Klingons

There's Klingons on the Dancefloor!
After a quick wardrobe change (seriously, we think they should change the slogan from 5 captains to 5 costume changes) we headed to the Klingon party. After a quick wardrobe change (seriously, we think they should change the slogan from 5 captains to 5 costume changes) we headed to the Klingon party. The hall was huge and had laser quest and a horizontal bungee rope. Not that we tried either in our tight Klingonesque attire. Fans made a great effort to dress up and there was a hardcore group of dancers constantly on the Dancefloor. When JG Hertzler and Robert O'Reily took the stage, flames shot out in front of the audience, they picked up their Bat'leth guitars and it felt like we were in a rock bar in QonoS.
With our … Continue Reading ››

Five Captains

To conclude the first day at DSTL we were treated to the Five Captains opening ceremony with Scott Bakula, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks, Patrick Stewart and William Shatner.
The hall was packed out with eager fans ready to see their Captains but we were treated to a line up of all the guest stars. Including JG Hetzler and Robert O'Reily dressed up as Martok and Gowron. Their makeup was spot on, we got chills down our puny human spines when faced with the Chancellor and General themselves. John Barrowman did a fab job as host, a treat for the girls and boys alike. He is also a massive Trek fan and that came across. Some of the memorable questions include: Kate on her first day didn't understand some of the words in the script. Patrick Stewart met her on the set and she asked for him … Continue Reading ››